Film Analysis Essay on LA Confidential

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Date:  2022-05-16


LA Confidential, the movie has re-established the dark and suspenseful environment of a crime film that narrates a hardboiled story with every convention of classic melodrama. The movie has enhanced the conventional definition of noir genre weaving the thematic aspects of fame and romance while at the same time broadening the tight scope of crime films to the contemporary viewers. The primary focus of the movie involves three cops; Ed Exley, Jack Vincennes, and Bud White. These characters serve to frustrate the other with Bud white being the main representative of a hardboiled cop and the viewers' main focal point. Nevertheless, throughout the movie, there is a significant change in each of the three policemen.

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From the personal point of view, there are instances where the movie didn't really end as expected. For instance, it focuses on three cops with customized evaluation of justice and this was expected to bring an engaging insight into the subjectivity of the outwardly objective word. Nevertheless, these three characters ironically begin acting like less real cops and more like models. In numerous instances, the movie focuses on their personal opinion, how they have come to their conclusion and finally reaching a similar conclusion. This seems like the simplification of a complex and realistic truth that there exists a different version of justice, some which cannot be changed. At the same time, the subtlety used such as Spacey's display of self-loathing as Jack emanates from the actor's skills showing the characters.

Bud white portray a typical brutal enforcer used as such by captain Dudley, whose performance is evocative and largely non-verbal. A lot of his actions are conducted through his walk and wonderfully controlled body movements and leads with the body pushed forward like a bull, always ready to ram his blunt body in any situation that arises. In the classy detective environment, the outward intensity is compared to the internal honor and mystery created in the movie, showing that there is more to him as shown than a human destroyer. There is worse of his character that is hidden. However, he undergoes a transformation to become the hero in the movie. Ed Exley also underwent an inner change in character and this influenced how he performed his duty as a cop. At first, he portrays a young, honest and educated officer who doesn't play along with the other officer's code of protecting their colleagues in service. At some point, he testifies on Stensland's wrongdoings to captain Dudley Smith. However, in the end, he changes to play along with the policemen code of protecting others and engages in corrupt deals. Jack Vincennes, on the other hand, had the most outward personality in the movie and captured attention and had heart. The changes in characters had a significant in highlighting the different types of cops in the police service.

At first, Edmund Exley is portrayed as a cop who doesn't play along with the other police code of conduct, protecting others. However, there is a change in his character as he shots Dudley an action fueled by the murder of his father in service. This is a total change in character and reveals some aspects of revenge. The scene has been shot in the noir genre, incorporated with chiaroscuro lighting, a low-angle shot, and compositional difference.


There was a significant difference on each of the cops' stance on crime and justice. Jack Vincennes believed more on the public perception that the administration of real justice. He could do anything, including engaging in criminal activities to gain publicity in the process of being famous. He didn't believe in justice. Ed Exley, on the other hand, believed in revenge for justice. Even though he didn't engage in corrupt deals as a cop, he didn't believe in justice within the police service. Bud White's stance on crime and justice has undergone transformation throughout the movie. His identity at first is portrayed as a product of the urban filth in which he resides; the crop of his environment. Later on, he redeemed himself and believed in the need for justice.

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