Feed by M.T. Anderson and Wall-E by Pixar - Comparison Essay

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Date:  2021-06-14

The progress of Technology strategies has simply offered the current population with additional well-organized mechanisms of for going backward. Although this situation symbolizes the present occasion, it additionally corresponds to Pixar's Wall-E and M.T. Anderson's Feed. The Feed is a manuscript which focuses mainly on the dystopian civilization predisposed by a contrivance, known as the "Feed, the device is fixed in the minds of the people residing in a particular nation. Environmental protection still continues to be an issue that many countries are grappling with. Due to the continued destruction of the environment, it has to be managed through policies that have been put in place. Countries and companies should be able to invest in the environment because it is the one that sustains all life and without it. The earth as we know it would cease to exist. Controlling pollution is a good start to protect the environment and maintain the ecosystem. Risk perpetuators are the ones who cause the risk like those who dispose waste in a catchment area polluting it. Risk managers are the people who are responsible for minimizing harm associated with the environmental protection. It mostly involves state and federal regulators. Economic predictors for environmental protection are economic issues.

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The writer focuses and emphasizes on a group of ordinary youth who travel to the satellite space for a spring vacation break of carousing as well as going " In a mal" Titus the main Character in the manuscript gets in a relationship with Violet who does not take after the other conventional adolescences in the book. She received the feed device when she was old enough in addition to that she was also taught; as a result, brains were more developed compared her colleagues. The stakeholders that play a role in environmental protection can either affect change or be affected by the change in environmental protection. A stakeholder is basically someone who has a deeprooted interest in an issue like environmental protection and will gain or lose depending on the policies that will be passed. However it also involves the people who are involved with environmental protection whether they are managing it or caused it. They mutually go on extreme explores to a point which hacker in a club makes them misplace their feeds. Unluckily for Violet, mending her feed was virtually unfeasible; detonating, Violet was gradually becoming extinct (C. T. Anderson; Murray). In Pixar's Wall-E, the human race has been deserted by all humankind due to the highly over the contaminated environment. On the other hand, only one living creature still continues living in the world habitat, garbage-gathering automaton robot known as the Wall-E (Catmull).

Occasionally, an innovative, well- established robot machine enters on earth scrutinizing different species of organisms living in the land. The robot, Wall-E also gets in a relationship with another automaton machine, Eve. As soon as she goes back home in her spacecraft, he significantly jumps on and gets conveyed to space. The two develop a dependent working formulation whereby they worked mutually together with an aim to enhance the globe in a revolutionary development, Wall-E. M.T. Anderson's Feed and Pixar's Wall-E overemphasizes a general public existence predisposed and subjected to the current technology using different ideas as well as same points of reference

The environmental, consumers, and inhabitants extensively share similar characteristics regarding Feed and Wall-E. In Feed, M.T. the writer comprehensively overemphasizes on the polluted environment that decays in an "elaborately rendered metropolitan having a vanishing atmosphere Anderson describes an exceptional situation whereby the human race requires atmosphere air ( oxygen) industrial units to survive. The atmospheric environment in Feed cannot be in a position to even generate air to any further extent; as a result, the supportive atmospheric air machine made is a replica. Correspondingly, the environmental surroundings at Wall-E are also contaminated; though, the predicament is exclusively inexorable. The globe has been totally deserted and cast off for approximately 700 years, and the development and advancement of the earth have been given out into the hands of a waste material gathering robot Wall-E (Anderson).

In accordance to Feed, Wall-E is an allegory talking about the evolution of humans technology. The different human race has left the earth because of the ever mounting trash; they are exclusively living in a space ship with a lot of waste materials in the environment. There is abundance of environment in space. The individual, the relational plan was to stay in the space until the Earth has the capability of sustaining the life of its inhabitants Disney Pixar tries to show that time will come when technology will relatively control the whole of humankind existence. Stakeholders include risk losers: they are the people who will be affected by the environmental protection policies in terms of economy or their health. For example those who own property located near a dangerous disposal facility. Risk gainers: people who will be affected positively by the environmental protection policies through profiting economically. An example is people owning a property that needs to be bought by the government because it is near a catchment area. Different auto takes controls exclusively suppresses environmental degradation thus affecting the lives of many inhabitants Anderson's Feed show that human beings will extensively destroy the earth due to their increases over reliance on modern technology. Both arguments are comical, yet they are similar to what life might indeed develop to become shortly as a result of pure human race nature (Catmull, Edwin, 2008).


A reliable implementable recommendation is implementation of environmental policies that are efficient. Laws and regulations should be implemented through complying, enforcing and funding. An inclusion of cooperative conservation should be considered by state so as to reduce the compliance and regulatory costs. These will aim in achievement of high levels of environmental protection that will occur in very high paces. Air emissions by companies should be charged through tradable permits in systems. Gains from the environment and efficiency gains by the companies should be incurred as a result from regulatory powers of the environment in the state. The states should increase flexibility concerning implementation through negotiations.

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