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The Families and children's services of Frontenac society is a privately owned not-for-profit social agency that provides protection to children from physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect while also helping families in need. The agency was established as a result of a merger between the Children's Aid Society of the City of Kingston and County of Frontenac and Lennox and Addington Family and Children's Services in 2012 (Space-coyote, 2016). The primary role of the organization is to help children whose parents are unable to safely care for them by placing them in relatives' or foster homes that are managed by the agency. The organization makes both temporary and permanent placements based on the children's condition. In the case of temporary placement, the agency works with the families to create and maintain a safe environment for the return of the children. On the other hand, permanent placement includes the adoption of the child by parents who meet the requirements and can provide a safe environment for the adoptee's welfare.

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The agency fits in the nonprofit service sector and is managed by a board of directors that constitutes local community leaders. The volunteers, staff and foster parents that work with the organization are from all walks of life and are therefore, not chosen based on class or status. There are various factors which affect the well-being of children in their homes such as domestic violence, inadequate housing, and parents' unemployment ("About facsfla", 2018). The Families and children's services of Frontenac advocates for families to get in touch with the agency before such factors begin to affect the safety of the children. In so doing, both parties are able to avoid issues such as psychological trauma on the children arising from matters such as domestic violence.

The demand for the services offered by the agency is affected by social factors such as increased cases of domestic violence, the inability of the parents to care for the children due to unemployment or ill health, and children with physical and mental disabilities. Some families have difficulties and challenges handling disabled children and they are advised to seek help from the agency. The organization works with other agencies to provide help to families based on their conditions. For instance, in the case of domestic violence, the Families and children's services of Frontenac take in the children and refer the parent to another agency where she can get help and counseling on how to handle a violent partner. The criteria used by the agency to help the public is that the families seeking to have their children taken by the agency must be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the environment in the homes is not safe and the well-being of the children is threatened. This requirement helps to keep away individuals with malicious intentions.


There are a number of volunteers within the agency who serve in various roles such as a driver, children caregiver, tutor and event and fundraising support team. The volunteers and members of staff are required to be friendly and should get along easily with children. The Families and children's services of Frontenac social agency is funded through donations and fundraising form well-wishers and individuals who believe in the organization's goals. The existence of the social agency is advantageous to the community since it provides services that help families to promote the safety and welfare of their children. The organization's presence is of great importance since it helps the society to deal with the varying challenges of raising children safely in an ever-changing world.


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