Expository essay on growth mindsets

Date:  2021-04-19 06:51:00
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Have you ever pondered why some folks are so virtuous at almost everything? Why you seem to be a pro at only a tiny fraction of activities? Is it that the jacks of all trades have more advanced brains than the rest of us? The solution to this line of inquisitorial lies squarely on your mindset. A mindset is what you believe about yourself and what you hold to be true. Believing that you are smart, intelligent, clumsy or dumb will ultimately affect your perception of life and your standards of living. Two kinds of mindsets exist; the growth and fixed mindsets. People with fixed mindsets believe that their inherent qualities and attributes limit them in doing some things. They believe that they cannot do some stuff because they do not have that naturally endowed ability to perform them. Those having growth mindsets, on the other hand believe that they can do virtually anything their mind conceives. They do not believe in inherent limitations and restrictions. A mindset will ultimately alter the course of your life. A fixed mindset, the outcome is all that matters; so if you do not achieve the desired outcome then you see yourself as a failure. In a growth mindset, the outcome is just part of the journey, so it does not really itch that much to the extent of labeling yourself a failure. Different lifestyles will clearly be adopted by the adoption of one or the other of the mindsets.

At a personal level, there have been times I have been tempted to believe that life is all predetermined anyway, so why bother struggle? I have been tempted to accept the status quo without any restraint. But there is this nagging possibility that maybe, just maybe surrender is not the best course of action. I have believed that the right partner will somehow fall on my lap without much effort on my part; that financial freedom will magically knock on my door. Leading this kind of mindset is however very risky. In the event that such held beliefs and expectations do not happen, frustrations and bitterness creep in.

With a growth mindset, I have been able to wake up each morning and exercise. Not because of any illness or weight problems but because I wanted that appealing physique. In experiencing pain and aching muscles associated with the exercise, it made me realize that pain, after all, is good for well-being. That to be successful you have to embrace some pain along the way. Any successful entrepreneur had to sacrifice something to achieve that level of success. And any sacrifice has some element of pain. Pain or discomfort is an indication that you are freeing yourself from the snares of comfort zones. As a result, of me waking up early every morning to exercise, many of my friends have joined me at it. I comprehended that most of the time are afraid of trying out new things; that we wait for someone to do something first so that we can also do it.

A fixed mindset would inform me that I will just be fine with my sleeping and lazy habits; that I do not need to flinch a muscle to see what I desire to come to pass. Such a mindset results in stagnation. Never would I have personally appreciated the value of pain, my friends would not have tried something outside of their comfort zone. Such scenarios help us appreciate the rift in the results associated with each mindset.

How would the world be if Henry Ford had given up at his first failure? From each failure, he learned a new way how not to invent. Rising up after failing and doing the same thing requires either an extraordinary courage or a mind that just doesnt accept failure. Such are the growth mindsets that change the world. Minds that persist in the midst of setbacks, minds that embrace failure as part of the process, minds that do not seek to conform but chart their own way. Such are the minds that experience the thrill of success; the thrill of perseverance; the joy of standing out. Athletes who keep running even after a long streak of losing, entrepreneurs who keep investing even after experiencing humongous losses; these are the individuals with growth mindsets.

Success is intermittently linked to a growth mindset. A growth mindset enjoys standing out; never conforms. A growth mindset perceives failures as part of the learning process. It is never afraid of failure. A growth mindset is never limited; it abounds with possibilities that need to be tested. The good news is, mindsets can be changed. A fixed mindset can be changed by embracing power thoughts that attack demeaning beliefs about ones capabilities.

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