Exploring Manufacturing Services for Competitive Advantage

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Date:  2023-01-16

Character 1 : and now we are writing our thesis about aaah how the manufacturers provide the service with aaah, we call, I mean aaaah products..

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Character 3: yes....

Character 1: and aaah what actually aah they manufacture in this process..

Character 3: mmh...

Character 2: and how we can make the services....aaah and how we can make the organization whose services as something make them have competitive advantage..

Character 3: ok..

Character 2: ..aah with that competitive advantage..

Character 1: aaaah we thank you...aah yes, and again please tell us you position and how long you've been working...

Character 3: Yes,,,my name is Pella Bayern and I am account manager of Staffords, and after sales aaah have been over their wealth, so have been taking care of wearing parts, its purpose for all kinds of machines we have, so that means we are sending goods to customers destinations China, Thailand, and Brazil, and the next goods come from Norway, so its quite lot of large markets, kind of people we are working with, and have been at Lason for ten and a half year ..

Character 2: ok...

Character 3: aaaaah am working with Staffords auctioneers as purchasing assistant, and the aaah when I, they have to start with its purpose, to collect all its purports order in our system, and only on one person because before it was ferried saved on some of the oversees customers they are a little more in charge but the most virtuous on the project leaders and persons, so now we have collected it all to one person and having it in our system, aaaah to ease to follow up and see what's been something that....(laughs)

Character 2: yah

Character 3: listen, listen....

Character 2: yah...we are very happy that you have the experience on that..

Character 3: yah...

Character 2: and we have to see through the development process...

Character 3: yah...of course yah...yah..

Character 2: aaah actually the first we ask about the services of the company.....aaah would you explain to us aaah what types of the services your company provide to offer to most of us,,,

Character 3: aaah if I see I have focused on the type of sales I do, aaaah the services we have is that we are always replying the client and always for its purposes given to the clients for one to two days after their send me email they make me a call, and it could be just the same place....hello we got your request we are looking into it you will get a reply later this week or one week and just know that we have seen them, we have got the regard we have got there request for the order, mmmh well just sending order of request if we have it easy we have in stock for the confirmation, just know that we are having the information for the goods, so they know that we have seen them, we have seen their reply, ok its the first thing we do, and also keeping them informed if its in delay, aaah I put high pressure on the production and the storage people if something is delayed no matter what it is, it can be incoming part, it could be like other reasons, sickness etc. I need to have the information from them so I can inform the clients.

Character 1: yah...

Character 3: so...we take the responsibility of the whole chain, so its not just me as a seller sitting here, and having contacts with clients it should be service from other guys around as well, and aaaah, we bail the debtor with much much, better now and people are bearing the responsibility to inform and also if ask where are our supply or where is the goods, and then I look, ooh its on its way you will have it tomorrow and so on.

Character 1: oho..

Character 3: yah,

Character 2: that takes us...

Character 3: ehee,

Character 2: ...to our next point about the customer relationship...

Character 3: ehe,

Character 2:...how you can, aaah, I think aah all of the measures that we have, aah do you plan with them, CEO and aaaaah, how they talk about you,

Character 3: ok, hahahaaha...

Character 2: do you talk about the relationship or you talk about the service,

Character 3: yap,

Character 2: there are services they follow, she is the one, so how, can you explain for us, aaah, how you gain the relationship with a customer and how you, aaaaah, maintain it and develop...

Character 3: yah, aaaah, when a project is finished, then we commission it, its ongoing, and a then its starts, we hold with Staffords with the project, so they always have something to start up with if it's any problem, but the first contact the client takes is with the person they know, and that probably the project leader or the seller for whole kind of project, aaah, and then they forward it to me, then I continue it, give information and help them out, if I don't know the answer then I ask the client, ooh not the client, then I ask the colleagues, and aaah but aah at the same time its aaah important that the client know who to contact and know who is that and then she is helping us, aah helping them, and so they are not involved with the people giving them answers without coming to me, and then I take the internal process. And if its something that had to be explained more in detail then I might ask the technician to, you can answer them, that's easier but not have them first, then I collect the information.

Character 1: eheee...

Character 2: and aaaah, the communication with the clients...

Character 3: ehee...

Character 2: the...the, or the relationship with the clients its aah aaaah, in a, aaaah, when the clients demand this aaah who wants the services and sometimes you stuck to ask about what does it weighs to technically deal with them, how is that,

Character 3: aaah, you mean if they have the same questions,

Character 2: yah,

Character 3: yah of course, they start, they can ask and I give them some questions, and ask colleague in having this issue with the client, and this questions, aaah is it an easy answer, now we need to know more and I give the questions to the client and aaaah, we start the conversation there, and then aaah when I get more answers, aaah, it could be an easy thing that we need to know details if there is any strange, if they say all the machines are not working as it should be, what's the problem and then we can answer, what's the problem, can you take us some photos, some video how it sounds, aah how its been, how have routines been, have you followed this, this are some of the questions, and aaaah can we conclude to something together, and aah its very helpful, and says its helpful that gives us the opportunity to give more, and inform it.

Character 2: yah, aah do you have contacts with your agents or Russians, Asians outside, aah how you can amend this aah relationship between you and your clients,

Character 3: yes, we have a very good relationship with a agents, we build up routine fun link if an, if if an aent is special country, a specific client contact me then I take the contact with the agent how to do now or should I reply them direct or do you take care, because I think it is important that the client also see the laws and as aaah, I don't know the English word for it but aah, you see aaah the community with the agent as well so its not that one agent and that's aaah some two different sides it should be one together, so we are cooperating together, you see that ooh is we are contacting that Asian ooh then they know they have help also in them they contact them and so on.

Character 2: ok, in your mind or maybe in your system,

Character 3: yeah,

Character 2: have you sought segmentation with the customers or how can you carry out such,

Character 3: no, we haven't have a segmentation with them and we have, we think that we have all the clients are unique and aaah some of them have to be ingrained wit concepts, because it is different when you send goods to a European country, it not as if you send to Brazil or Thailand, you have to have some, them to comment, you have to have some selectins, some segmentations of course because its different on how we handle but at time we have a routine of firm link and then we can be flexible depending on the client.

Character 2: yeah mmmmh, aaaah actually this leads us to the question about aaah the organizational structure, here we have the communication with the customers and the relationship aaah its aaah personality or in the system structure. Do you see that its easier to you or the organization?

Character 3: Aaah, its aaah I don't know if I get the question right, aaah...

Character 2: Aaah do you see that aaah the structure of the organization, it helps you to maintain the relationship with the clients?

Character 3: Yaaah you mean aaah, ok, you mean that the company, yah yah of course it's something aah we want to be with the clients aah we have offices, we have officers, were the clients can go to and its understanding how the culturing in the country and of course that makes huge difference, aaah if you are in a certain country and attending the clients there or they know certain kind of language, and it's up to the office or the agents to communicate that to us as they are always, issues us the best to the colleagues and also we can communicate and when several of these cases stand along each other or on behalf of each other and that's it.

Character 1: aaaah, we are wondering about the integral organizations that didn't support you to have or make you have a favor to contact and to maintain the relationship with the customer, or each kind of make values or you have to avoid it. Can you explain or elaborate more about the stagnant, static, and aaaah spell measures or this kind of many services, so that's kind of important for us, can you elaborate...aaah

Character 3: aah, when they took the decision of putting a lot of effort to inspect all sales, that shows that it's really important part, and aaaah its always, aaah open minded about this, and aaaah we got a lot of time to aaah work with it and aaah making it the best as possible and if we get the new things then we take it up and then we do it. What we've done simply is improvement.

Character 1: ehee,

Character 3: and, aaah, that's aaaah, I think that's good also, what we have also is that the sales department gives out after sale goods, then they have it in mind that they have actually taken care of the client while also thinking that how could you do this to make it easier for the after sales, and aaah I have been pushing it for some time and aaah, so, people are getting there and understanding it. You don't have to put a lot of focus on it but you should be aware of it and you should be aware that what they do now is important within three years when the first apex is, come, for example.

Character 2: but aaaah if you are responsible for your line of activities, what are you improving in aaah aaah spare,

Character 3: in spare parts, what I improve, I improve aaaah the routine of handling an order before we capture order then we put together, then we invoice it. We invoice now the structure of handling it...

Character 2: ahaa,

Character 3: but what I improve is according to the system, we get a confirmation, we get history, we get aaaah we can write aaah information for us internally, it could be good for coming and we say aaah that we save the information as well and that is the biggest improvement. Aaah, that helps us to keep movement when the order is ongoing but also in future if you come back and said we have this and we need a sign port now, we collect, and a we put together the purchasing orders so that the last thing is placing a consignment to the custom4ers and informing the people in charge of it that aaaah.......hello, (all the three laugh)....we are here,

Character 1: wh...

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