Evaluation Paper on Rocking Horse Community Health Center

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Date:  2022-07-08


Rocking Horse Community Health Center in Springfield, Ohio is my field practicum site. The field instructor is John Beer. However, I already spoke with my field instructor about my idea of using an immigrant family of five, parents and three children. The kids are assimilating to American culture and parents are acculturated. Therefore, I would like to do psychoeducation therapy and also CBT to help them understand the differences they are having with the new culture. I have about six months to follow this case. The outcome I would like to have is the family to have a better relationship and better understanding of Hispanic and American the culture, what barriers they have and what outcomes they would like to have too.

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Engagement Planning

Nonetheless, the people I will talk to in the discussion of my project are the course professors, the departmental course head, my assessor and the institution head. In presenting my evaluation project, stakeholders are implementers, supporters, decision-makers and recipients related to my project. Therefore, I will start by defining them to help clarify my objectives and goals of the evaluation project so that everyone understands its purpose. Also, I will take time to articulate my project and what I want to accomplish at the end of the project. Evaluations can at times focus on outputs, activities, process, resources and means and therefore, I can also choose to evaluate both the outcome and process.

Additionally, I will gather both quantitative and qualitative data as a way of displaying evidence. Quantitative data refers to the information that can be measured by tallies or numbers like surveys. Qualitative data offers information that is descriptive that may capture opinion, behaviour, feeling, sensory response or knowledge. I will also answer the bottom line questions by drawing relevant conclusions. Then, the findings of the evaluation project will be presented so that it can be used for quality improvement.

The strategies that I will use to engage their support and participation in my evaluation project are: Identifying the project stakeholders by reviewing their expectations and how they will measure the project's success as they can vary from different people. Also, the level of interest and influence will be analyzed because high influence/interest stakeholders are the key to the project's success. I will also develop communication strategies by determining the preferred communication method. Different stakeholders prefer varying communication ways, for example, daily phone call or summary emails. A communication schedule can also be established for stakeholders to engage in the evaluation project fully. Additionally, I can perform risks or change impact analysis by identifying potential adversaries and advocates for them to impede gradual progress.

Post-Discussion Assessment

The following is a summary of the conversation we had during the discussion. Every stakeholder in the meeting had different questions following my chosen evaluation project, the steps I took in choosing the project and the confidence I had in my project planning. Each question focused on either my strengths or weaknesses in evaluating the project and how I could answer them. Why did you opt for an immigrant family yet you indicated to work in a community health center? What was the family's reaction to hearing their case for six months? Did you ever cross paths or have any disagreements during your research and analysis? What challenges did you face or things that you lacked in critical times? The stated were among the questions. However, with all the questions, I concentrated on what I loved, looked for ways of finding my flow state, knowing my relationship style and specializing by tapping my strengths from a leadership perspective or position. The possible evaluation options that merged from the meeting were: Stock or financial options that I thought of in choosing the project or whether it would help me shortly. Real options that majors in the real world, the challenges people face, their success, causes of immigration et cetera.

The stakeholders in the evaluation project are: the assessor or interviewer of the project. His roles are: to ascertain whether I can work with limited or no supervision, whether all the relevant documents have been approved and signed by the relevant authorities, to check if the posted project place is conducive and suitable for a six-month case to name but a few. Also, there is the agency director whose roles are: To check whether all equipment is in place, to frequently check on the party whose project is about and ascertain that the person handling the project is on the right track progressively. Also, to stand for the losses incurred during evaluation from the beginning to the end, to discontinue the project manager on his or her project if people complain or resources get misused. Additionally, the field instructor is a stakeholder and his role are: to sign daily documents and stamp them to ascertain daily work is always done, to check on the project's status both from the family and me as the project manager, to ensure that the project is a success all through by offering guidance where applicable. I consider them to be the key stakeholders in my evaluation project as they are the people enhancing the project's success. Also, if they withdraw from the project, then the project will cease to exist.

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