Ethical Issues: Non-Monogamy Relationship Essay Example

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Date:  2022-07-07

Ethical non-monogamy involves ways in which an individual in their right mind can agree to explore love and sex with different kinds of people. Nicole and Julia felt that their relationship is going nowhere and that they might break up. Julia was of the idea that Nicole does not fulfill their promises and that her sexual contact with other individuals has no influence on her feelings to Nicole. The ethical issue available in this case study is the issue of mistrust. It is pretty sure that there is no trust between Julia and Nicole and that is why Julia choose to be a promiscuous claiming that this will not affect their relationship in any way. However, according to my own opinion, I believe that partners should be in a monogamous relationship which allows the intimate relationship between one man and one woman at a time. Even though Nicole decided to change the rules halfway, Julia should have forgiven him. Therefore, I feel conflicted about handling this situation because Julia believes that even if she is involved in an intimate relationship with others, it will not affect her feelings for Nicole (Rubin & Babbie, 2016).However, according to me, this might not be the case because couples are supposed to take care of each other.

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In this case, the cultural consideration which posed challenges to ethical practice includes the fact that Nicole decided to change the practice of non-monogamous relationship. The ethical practices here involves the role of monogamy relationships, and I believe that it is not ethical to focus on a non-monogamous relationship. According to my own opinion about the role of monogamy, it is advisable for individuals to have only one sexual partner. In this case, the partners are expected to cooperate to make their lives good(Bloor, 2011). It is a good idea to learn that Nicole had decided to break thenon- monogamy rules. This implies that there would be faithfulness as the partners will start involving in an intimate relationship inside marriage.

There will be marital monogamy were Nicole will successfully get married to Julia as Nicole had already expressed the desires to break the non-monogamy rules. Even though this might involve a lot of restrictions, Nicole still feel like it is the best way to choose. The practice of monogamy does not only benefit the couples but also their children (Rubin & Babbie, 2016). Children will grow up knowing that there is care as compared to children in non-monogamous families who sometimes tend to engage in fights because one or both of their parents are not treating them well. There is no problem in participating in an open non-monogamous relationship especially if the partners do not have a problem with it.


An open relationship will allow people to know what is going on. As a monogamist, I understand that this practice will not work for everyone just like a non-monogamous relationship, but I prefer concentrating on monogamy relationship. In this case, they should be faithful to one another to make sure that their relationship last. The decision that Julia decided to take was not suitable for their relationship. Julia might not feel anything wrong about being promiscuous, but this might not be the case with Nicole. Regarding the professional ethical code of ethics, there is no enhancement of human well being in this case


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