Essay Sample on Tourism Boom in Oahu: Ko Olina Leads the Way

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Date:  2023-01-05


Tourist in Oahu over the past few years has resulted into growth in the number of tourists and improvement in the quality of services that hotels and other tourist resorts offer. This tremendous growth has been due to factors such as the contribution of Ko Olina in the tourism industry. Despite the fact that Waikiki was established several years before Ko Olina, studies indicate that the latter is a more prominent tourist destination owing to its classy tourist facilities and serene environment. This paper will discuss marketing campaigning strategies that can attract more couples to select Ko Olina's Four Seasons Resort as their preferred wedding and Honeymoon destination.

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Four Seasons Resort

Ko Olina is a tourist destination that attracts visitors from all works of life to tour it for various purposes. Some are travel tourists exploring new places in quest of adventures while some come to relax and enjoy their holidays in a new environment whereas others are couples looking for wedding venues or who have wedded elsewhere and have wish to spend their honeymoon there. Ko Olina has standard hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities which cater for the needs of all visitors (Mizuki, 2017). As a process which facilitates the division of the prospective clients into groups based on their characteristics and preferences Camilleri (2018 p. 13) notes that marketing segmentation enables an organization to cater for the needs of a given group enabling it to achieve its business goals. Market segmentation enables a business to improve the quality of its services by focusing on the right channels to satisfy clients and thrive in an industry characterized by stiff competition (Kotler, Bowen, Makens, & Baloglu, 2017).

Visitors who come to Ko Olina should get value for their money through receiving quality services that cater for individual groups' needs. Couples looking for wedding venues or honeymoon destination in Ko Olina want to get unique facilities that are not available anywhere. Their age and life stage are among the important factors to consider for an organization which seeks to satisfy its clients (Schlegelmilch, 2016). Young people planning to wed will find Four Seasons Resort with its state-of-the-art facilities which include a complete reception with ample space, experienced chefs, catering services, and accommodation a serene environment to hold their weddings and enjoy their honeymoon. Marvelous, reliable, and worth it are some words one can use to describe this prestigious resort located in Ko Olina. The facility charges varying prices depending on the type of services that couples want.

Old folks renewing their marriage vows or wish to celebrate their wedding anniversary will have access to some of the coolest services at the Four Seasons Resort. Those who wish to enjoy privacy indoors and share their love tales without anybody interrupting them can use the resort's "make order" services which enable one to order for food and other services from the comfort of their rooms. Weddings and honeymoons are life-changing moments which should print a permanent image in one's mind. Couples need to select a unique place to celebrate these moments and write their own life story. Irrespective of the time of the year, whether winter or summer, Four Seasons Resort is the best place to hold weddings or spend a honeymoon. It offers services that cater for all age groups for instance; young people who enjoy loud and fast music will have access to the section of the restaurant where sweet music never ceases. Old couples who like to keep it slow have a place in the restaurant where they will sit on their own sipping a glass of wine conversing in low tones listening to luring music as they share memories.

An excellent resort should cater for the needs of most of the clients using its services (Fahy, 2015) and Four Seasons has strived to ensure that it defines the comfort of its visitors.

Figure 1 views from the four seasons resort.

The resort overlooks the beach adding to its ambiance as a wedding venue or a honeymoon destination.

Figure 2 The Four Seasons Resort (digital image)

Nobody will regret spending their money at Ko Olina Four Seasons Resort because every coin one spends here is worth it because of the top-notch services that the resort provides.

Being in Ko Olina, Four Seasons Resort has mostly been receiving mainly visitors of Japanese origin and Individuals working in the United States and earning stable income. However, the resort has fair prices to attract even middle-income earners from the mainland and other international visitors from outside the United States. Tourists can still access quality services while spending their holidays and or planning their events at the Four Seasons Hotel. More information about pricing and other travel packages is available on the resort's online website. Japanese tourists form the lion's share of visitors touring Ko Olina although the region wishes to expand its market by attracting Korean and Chinese tourists. In line this objective, Four Seasons Resort is working to create an enabling environment both in terms of services and pricing (Kotler, Bowen, Makens, & Baloglu, 2017) to penetrate the Chinese and Korean market. The best marketing strategy is telling customers and prospects what they want to hear concerning the services that an organization is providing. The Four Seasons Resort is keen to satisfy its customers. And has numerous activities like:

  • Underwater Adventures
  • On the Water Adventures
  • Air and Land Adventures
  • Romantic Experiences & Sunset Cruises
  • Private Boat Rentals


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Ko Olina Resorts (n.d ) The Four Seasons Resort

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