Essay Sample on Spring Carnival on Morrison Ave: Fun for Everyone!

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Date:  2023-01-02


Carnivals are cultural and social events occasionally conducted to bring people together. The spring carnival is one of the most awaited carnivals in most states. Therefore, this year, the company would like to hold a carnival on Morrison Avenue in the Bronx. while carnival season is just beginning. Therefore, the company will target anybody between the age of 1 to 45 years of age. The mist targeted as students and upwardly mobile youth in the lower- and middle-income groups looking for fun.

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There are three reasons for doing the carnivals:

To promote diversity and inclusion. The company will be inviting everyone living in the Bronx and the neighboring areas irrespective of their social economic class. There have been historical racial issues that can better be overcome through social events. The carnival will, therefore, be attended by everyone interested in carnivals

The second reason is to entertain the minority groups and the disadvantaged population. For example, the company will entertain the disabled. The carnival will specifically set aside one full day for physically challenged people especially the children. There will be a wide range of activities at the carnival designed from the physically challenged population.

To earn money. There are many ways that the company will earn revenue from the carnival. Ticket sales, revenue from booths and premise allocation to the vendors, revenue from corporate advertisements and other specialized activities such as riding, playing games, the dancing competition will help in driving revenue. The company will exploit all the channels that can be used to earn revenue.


The Bronx has a total of 1, 471160 people but their age varies with the largest parentage if the population (25.7%) between the age of 35 to 54, while those aged between 5 to 17 years (17.8%) and those between the age 25 to 35 years accounting for 15.7%. Those below 5 years accounting for 7.4% only 11.8 % of the population is attributed to those over 65 years and 10.5% attributed to those between age 55 to 64 years (Location, Inc, 2019). Therefore, to have a larger customer base, the company will target those between the age of 1 to 45 years.

Figure 1: Demographics of the Bronx


The week-long carnival will be open to over 1,471,160 people. All the schools will be allowed to participate. all the community members will be free to attend if they meet the basic requirement such as the entry fee and are well-behaved carnivals will begin at 10 am to 10 pm every day during the weekdays and 2 am to 11 pm over the weeks (Ferdinand & Williams, 2018). The cost of entry has been set at $4 but there will be a host of activities inside the carnivals that will be charged differently by each vendor (Taucar, 2012). The age groups for the games are not fixed because parents will be allocated to play with their children. It is the duty of the customers to compare prices against quality and make their choices. For example, various licensed food vendors will be selling their food at the venue. There will also be a host of games and rides for all age groups.

Working the Carnival

A team of 40 people will be employed to work the carnival. These people will be charged with overseeing the operation, they will also oversee decision making. A private security company will be contacted to oversee the security of the vendors and the attendees. Each vendor will market and sell their wares at the venue after paying $2000 for the stand.

The company will book the location for one full week. It is estimated that that avenue can accommodate 50 stands which will be leased for 1800 (300 per day) a total of $90,000. The attendees will pay $4 per day. The company estimate that there will be a total of 300 people per day. This means that the company will earn $7200 vendors will book the stands for the whole week and pay the total amount payable upfront.

The company will hire bouncing castles, large computer games, and virtual reality games.

There will be a mechanical bull ride, and roller coasters for which the attendees will pay $10 before riding

Every problem will be addressed by the respective official. The security company will manage security. The lessor of the machines will repair mechanical breakdowns.

Revenue from each revenue stream will be consolidated and every worker will be played by the company at the end of every business day.

List of Vendors

  1. Habibi Gyro Halal Cart
  2. La Suegra De Dyckman
  3. Martha's Hot Tamales
  4. Eight Jane Food Inc
  5. Georgie's Food Truck
  6. Karls Balls
  7. Quesadilla Stand
  8. Tamales Rosy
  9. Tong
  10. Vendy Plaza
  11. U.S. Veteran Burgers and Fries
  12. La Viagra Mexican Food
  13. Grand Street Skewer Cart
  14. Broadway Fruit Stand
  15. Churro & Elote/Esquire Cart
  16. Yasin Halal Food
  17. Hamza & Madina
  18. Ling's Sweet Mini Cakes
  19. Las Quesadillas
  20. Souvlaki Master
  21. Hong Kong Street Cart
  22. Tamales y Elote Cart
  23. Shanta Halal Truck
  24. Yogi Korean BBQ Tacos
  25. Miracle Thai
  26. Grand Street Rice Noodle Cart
  27. New York Hot Dogs
  28. Mysttik Masaala
  29. Grandma Downtown
  30. Thai sidewalk


The company will use a mix of debt and equity. The equity of $8000 will be from the entrepreneurs who founded the company. The founder's contribution will give him 100% ownership of the company. The company will also acquire $5000 debt from the local bank with options to take more loan from the bank in case the company needs additional funding. The amount will be spent as stated in the proforma income statement in the excel file.

Permits and Licenses

The company will need a temporary license for the following:

  • Food Served- Health Department Permit
  • Food Trucks-Separate Registration
  • Generators-Separate Permit
  • Tents-Separate Permit
  • Stage -Separate Permit
  • Bouncy House -Separate Permit

The company will be responsible for reimbursing the Bronx Council for the cost of inspection that will be conducted before the carnival. The company will also comply with any regulations for the Circuses and Carnivals. Each vendor will be responsible for its own permit and licenses and they must be submitted to the company before they can sell at the carnival.


Ferdinand, N., & Williams, N. (2018). The making of the London Notting Hill Carnival festivalscape: Politics and power and the Notting Hill Carnival. Tourism Management Perspectives, 27(12), 33-46. doi: 10.1016/j.tmp.2018.04.004

Location, Inc. (2019). Bronx, NY Demographics and Population Statistics - NeighborhoodScout. Retrieved from

Taucar, J. (2012). Making Mas: TruDynasty Carnival Takes Josephine Baker to the Caribbean Carnival. Canadian Theatre Review, 152(1), 19-24. doi: 10.1353/ctr.2012.0078

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