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Date:  2022-11-26


General Electric Company commonly abbreviated as GE, was first started by Thomas Alva Edison as a result of two merging companies. GE is known to be among the significant technology conglomerate and has a diversified infrastructure. Besides, it is involved in a wide range of business activities, right from industrial products, power generation to security technology and television programming as stated by Berthelot, Lasensky and Somers (2019). Nonetheless, General Electricity Company has also been divided into different divisions such as technology infrastructure, energy infrastructure, and capital finance. This essay seeks to discuss a social media plan for General Electricity company leadership in addressing its current problem.

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First, GE's leadership has been changing over time. The recent administration being that of Jeff Immelt era and John Flannery who is the General Electric CEO replaced by Larry Culp a former Danaher chief. The replacement means the company is doing worse than expected; hence Culp is placed there to assist in turning around the company's problems as stated by Lam, Yeung and Cheng (2016). The past leadership is represented by the administration of Jack Welch who restructured GE's operations extensively thus turning GE to be one of the most admired companies in the world. John Flannery got replaced because the board members were in the dark, they did not know how bad things were unfolding because none of them examined Immelt's era. Currently, GE is experiencing a problem in its stock price whereby, on July 7,200 the stock price was $57.8, but now it is $11.81. Therefore, GE hired Culp who is an outsider with the hopes of changing the company overhaul. The 'Mad Money' host suggests that, if Culp wants to avoid surprises he should first take a step of hiring Steve Tusa from J.P Morgan; this will assist him in his leadership strategies.

However, GE C-suite members are currently using different platforms of social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter which has millions of users to reach its clients. They also use employee advocacy and re-purposing old contents. In employee advocacy, the employees assist in spreading the content of the brand in social media. In re-purposing old content, the old material is converted to new format style, for instance, converting a blog post into a podcast video. On the other hand, the former CEOs Jeff Immelt and John Flannery used various social media platforms such as Twitter to learn their audiences' needs and preference on the brand. According to Van Alstyn, Parker and Choudary (2016), the social media likes, comments and share assists in knowing the customers' wants and needs. Knowing their needs and preferences enables one to think clearly to meet their needs. Additionally, C-suite members can use other ways to reach to their audiences without necessarily using social media. According to Nykvist and Nilsson (2015), telephone and mailing are one of the different ways to be used to reach the targeted audience.

In the social media plan, Culp can use three social media sites; Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Using these three ensures that the audiences receive cohesive messages about the company's brands. According to Epstein (2018), a brand that uses the best social media presence compelling content as well as engaging its audiences in meaningful information as they always keep the same story for the same brand in a unique and smart way. For instance, in GE the main message is based on technology; how technology is discovered, created and celebrated. Therefore one should learn its audiences and know the type of information to give and the best channel the targeted audience can receive their information.


In conclusion, social media platforms play a vital role in reaching audiences. The target audience receives the required information and can make inquiries using the same social media platform. GE leaders are depicted as the forefront of GE's business portfolio, and they aid in encouraging employees' integrity as well as professional development. Furthermore, in GE good leadership comes with change and it is known to be having the best leadership models worldwide.


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