Essay Sample on Organizational Change: Senge Model

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Date:  2022-11-21


Senge et al. is a model that uses the ideologies of environmental structures to explain how organizations function. Unlike other models that center on the initial phases, Senge et al. emphasize long-term subjects of supporting organizational change. They mainly dwell on the trials encountered when starting, supporting and restructuring change (Cameron & Green, 2015). The method by Senge et al. follows several strategies; starting small, grow gradually, do not design the entire thing and lastly expect trials since it is not always even.

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Senge et al. approach is the most appropriate when implementing change in schools and learning organizations that expect to succeed academically. For that reason, my school has decided to apply this approach to achieve their target of emerging as the best school in our region. They have deliberated on various changes such as having online lessons for beside the normal classes. To implement the change, the school has deliberated on a pilot group that will be held responsible for change inventiveness. The selected individuals ought to create enough time besides their day to day activities and dedicate to change. They will also need training and sustenance to cultivate new abilities and competencies.

The pilot group or individuals ought to be committed for the need to devote enough energy for change to be realized. Besides, they should seek the support of the new principles or conducts from the administration to avoid a confrontation with improvement. The pilot group should expect challenges from individuals who fear or are spontaneous for change and some of them are also intolerant for a progressive outcome (Cameron, 2016). However, they should not be swayed by the obstacles and challenges since they are the pilots for the change. Instead, they should system a reply from the people and avoid using traditional methods of quantifying success. Upon considering all those steps, the change will achieve some visible success and impact on the school performance (Cameron & Green, 2015).


Therefore, it is evident that once an institution keeps their goals realistic through the entire process, they will surely achieve. It is also essential to identify and reward any positive change that has been realized. The Senge et al. approach uses the organism metaphor where change is adaptive, and people are expressively conscious of the change. In this metaphor, the leader is an instructor while training and supporting are the leadership styles required. However, the leader faces challenges since the change process is self-centered and realizes very little.


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