Essay Sample on Leadership Effectiveness: Design Thinking to Manage Climate

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Date:  2023-05-22

In every organization, leadership effectiveness is determined by the relationship between the employee and the leader and is mainly useful in case the leader is authoritative to be able to meet employee expectations. Therefore, design thinking is a vital process that enables leaders to understand the business environment, so las be able to manage climate, improve innovation, discovering new business opportunities, and solving wicked problems that arise in an organization. The essay is a reflection of my personal design thinking process.

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Firstly, in the thinking design process, I learned that it is essential to make people the center of any design process since it helps the leader to understand the desires, preferences, and requirements of the people better; therefore, it is easier for a leader to fulfill them. Moreover, the leader will be gain the knowledge on how to make a priority, empathy, and satisfy the need of the workers. I did well in this section since I compared it with the conventional ways whereby the leader tries to persuade people in order to know them and know their wants. On a personal level, in order to improve my design skills, I would focus on speed and efficiency of the process bearing in mind that efficiency is much better than speed. In terms of speed, I would ensure that I allocate equal time in each step. On the other side, to ensure that efficiency is maintained, I would be ready to pay attention to the feedback of the process from other parties.

In the present days, design thinkings play a critical in harnessing opportunities and solving today's problems. However, most design processes fail to address future business expectations, such as innovation. The mindset I would use in future design is that of creating and breaking paradigms of the future we aspire. Therefore there is the need to deigns processes that are beyond today's requirements bearing in mind that the world is advancing and we have to develop to. However, experimentation and empathy are essential; it is crucial to use future casting and foresight tools to design for the future.

Team collaboration is a crucial tool in project management since it enhances communication among team members improving innovativeness and full participation to come up with new ideas. My team participated fully in the brainstorming approach since they worked together, offering diverse perspectives and solutions toward achieving the goals of the company. Equal partaking was another method that was effective since every member was given an equal opportunity to present ideas. Sticking to the objective and goals of the group was also very useful. This is because the entire team members had a clue about the group agenda and objective. However, some approaches, such as time factor, was not practical. This was because some of the group members had not done their research. Another method that was no effective is the adoption of new ideas. This was a challenge since it requires extra effort for a group member to change for its ordinary norms and adopt new ones.

Lastly, for me to be a great player, I will ensure that I am flexible to new ideas. This will help me to view new ideas as unique opportunities while at the same time, offering positive feedback to my group members as a way of showing motivation and support.

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