Essay Sample on Intercultural Habits: Challenge & Respect in Intercultural Interaction

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Date:  2023-01-11

Intercultural habits determine how an individual interacts with people from other cultures. It is essential to have the utmost respect when talking to someone who is from different cultures, and it also can be challenging because opposing opinions, as well as some non-verbal communications, mean different things in different languages like elongated eye contact is sometimes disrespectful as well as it can mean sexual advances in some cultures. This semester has been of significant influence on my intercultural habits. This course has contributed to the improvement in my way of communicating with people from other cultures.

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The intercultural habit that I found difficult was the intercultural communication. It was so because I think one must be careful with how you verbalize things avoiding puns, slang, and inappropriate language as it can be very disrespectful for differing cultures to hear or even understand. Therefore, having strong intercultural communication skills as well as active listening skills is essential in a working environment as well as skills that everyone should know, have and study.

Even though communication was difficult, I found myself doing more of it because I learned how to be an active and effective listener when having a conversation with someone from a different culture. For instance, I could stop talking and give others the chance to clarify their perspectives on the subject. Figure out how to focus on what the speaker is stating, not on what your next remark will be. Equally, it's imperative to keep an open mind because we filter through and channel data considering our inclinations and qualities. For enhanced listening, train yourself to listen evenhandedly. Be reasonable for the speaker. Hear what is genuinely being stated, not what you want to hear.

The intercultural habit that I found more enjoyable is the interactions in the workplace. It was interesting because one gets to meet new cultures and ways of doing things. Some of these new ways can be considered efficient while others are considered otherwise. I like learning new things with every encounter, and this habit provided the platform.

Even though some aspects of it were challenging at first, communication turned out to be the most motivating of all. It stood out because one can have control of the surroundings, remove contending sounds whenever possible. Close windows or entryways as well as turn off electronic distractions and move away from loud individuals. Pick a peaceful time and place for listening.

I will increase my intercultural habits through strategies such as taking notes because, in a few circumstances, mindful note taking might be essential to record imperative certainties that must be reviewed later. Select just the most critical focuses, so the note-taking procedure does not meddle with your fixation on the speaker's whole message.

The last strategy I would recommend is providing feedback to tell the speaker that you are listening attentively. Gesture your head and keep up eye to eye contact. Make relevant inquiries at appropriate occasions. Getting included improves the correspondence process for both the listener and the speaker.

Some of the intercultural goals that have set for me after this course are to explore new cultures and embrace the five cross-cultural habits. I believe all the strategies I have listed above will help when it comes to speaking and having effective listening skills when talking to someone from a differing culture.

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