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Globalization has significantly increased the concept of the improved workforce, with global organizations seeking experienced workers to help them meet their objectives. As a way of ensuring that companies meet their demanding goals, it is essential for proper management of both workers and resources to ensure that strict measures and directions are met. As a result, the utilization of leadership skills is a critical concept in this case that defines the performance, and the scale of any organization. Never the less, the idea of international management, has dramatically influenced management level, which has been defined by the flexibility, and extensive knowledge about an organization (Buhlmann, Davoine & Ravasi, 2018). Managers use this concept to identify, strength, and weakness in their departments, which has improved the performance of many organizations operating under international management. In other words, cosmopolitan management has been defined as one of the concrete leadership skills that have been adopted and utilized across the globe, in this case, it is essential to evaluate, and understand the role of international manager, importance of cosmopolitan management, as well as how it is adopted in an organization.

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Adoption of Cosmopolitan Management

According to Kosnick, (2016) observations, international businesses, are highly globalized institutions in the modern era, that requires proper management, and skills about the company, a critical element for prosperity. Managers in this concept, are faced with a new diverse social and cultural context than any other local market, which poses new challenges to the managing department. However, the concept of international management requires a broader skill of knowledge regarding, business operations, organization culture, as well as the social customs of the employees to promote economic development (Sarfraz, 2017).

In 2005 before the economic crisis that faced the United States in 2008, a vast majority of the business in the region was deeply rooted in the nation, with nearly 3% of all U.S countries operating in different foreign lands. Almost 85% of these companies operating in foreign countries, had more than two branches in two or more countries, which reduced the possibilities of any global business trade (Rendtorff, 2017). Countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom, where the most preferable for investments. The concept of diversifying to the western world for these companies was more natural and non-tiresome, since management, was easily coordinated and tied across the cultural practices of these similar nations. Ever since companies have greatly diversified their branches from their local geographical areas to other countries were, they are faced with tough management decision to help them sustain and survive in this new market. Through the adoption of cosmopolitan management, leaders in these newly diverse organization were able to learn, and integrate workers and their working resources to help several organizations meet their objectives (Stahlberg, & Bolin, 2016).

Beck, (2017) analyses that, nearly all the top tech companies in the United States, have significantly adopted the concept of cosmopolitan management, which includes the incorporation of different new geographical nations with different races. Different cultures present the administration with essential leadership skills and an excellent workforce. Through this, the management enjoys the idea of skilled workers, who constitute the workforce of the company, from different biracial backgrounds.

All managers are mandated with the ideology of bringing the organization to meet its objectives within the speculated period. As a result, this calls for a proper understanding of the global environment and how the business operates within the specified region. Through this, a cosmopolitan manager has the responsibility of evaluating, and assessing how things are performed within the organization, which helps to identify, which existing culture in the organization, requires to change, and which are to keep (Paton & Hodgson, 2016). Managers need to understand the dynamic of the business by appreciating the underpinning multicultural environment that organizations operate under. Brownsword, (2016), asserts the adoption of cosmopolitan management, provides managers with a broader scope of multi-cultural behaviors in the organization context, which helps them familiarize with the ideology of organization performances. Through the concept of international management, leaders are forced to rescale in working in a diverse global community, that has different challenges rather than what they are locally used to, in their field of operations.

With a higher demand for skilled and experienced workers, it is cumbersome for any foreign company to acquire these workers without proper management. This refers to the concept of critically, accessing the cultural environment of operation. As a result, management utilizing the idea of cosmopolitan management has a higher degree of acquiring these skilled workers, rather than importing workers from their native land, which may be expensive and unconstitutional in several nations (Viitala, Kultalahti, & Kangas, 2017).

As a company diverse in the new working geographical environment, it is essential to practice a different form of leadership skills. This may be implemented through transformational leadership, transactional leadership style, or even inspirational management skills. Through this, managers can control the operations of the organization with minimal knowledge of the organization, or the workers. As a result, international management, is essential in this context, to ensure that not only the management operates in dictatorship leadership, but also understands the environment through which its employees are working under, to ensure they meet the company's goals.

The Role of Cosmopolitan Mangers

Change Agents

Managers play a critical role while inspiring the performance of employees in any organization, which helps increase the productivity per unity of workforce (Chang, 2016). As a measure, many organizations evaluate workers based on their performance rather than their skills levels. Never the less, it is essential to understand that, the performance of these workers, is influenced by the inspiration of management, and positive changes made towards the benefits of the organization. In this case, cosmopolitan managers, usher in new changes, as a way of steering the business in the right direction. By identifying the ideology of multicultural environment, and how workers from these backgrounds associate with each other, it is essential for organizations to adopt this concept of management to ensure that all workers are treated under the same regulations and rules of governance.

Innovation and Risk Taking

For most of the highly developed companies, innovation has been one of the leading factors that have made most of the companies to stand from others. Companies such as Coca-Cola, and Apple Inc, have been much known for their innovative ideas, despite operating in different industries. Never the less, risk-taking is one of the critical approaches and ideas that these companies have greatly prospered with, to help diversify their market shares. For instance, under cosmopolitan management, Coca-Cola managed to acquire Apollinaris mineral water in German, as a way of expanding their market in German (Serodio, McKee, & Stuckler, 2018). Although this may be determined as a risky approach for any company, it is essential to understand the importance of international management, which made it possible for Coca-Cola, to acquire and dominate the non-alcoholic beverage in Europe.

Polychromic Coordination

The concept of Polychromic coordination requires managers to integrate different fields of operations to help synchronize their philosophical ideology with the company's objectives (Sadgrove, 2016). Coordination and assessment of different managers are essential to ensure that each leader strictly coordinates with one or more managers from a different department. This helps ensure that all operations in the organization are performed within the stipulated time. In this case, the concept of cosmopolitan management, helps departmental managers in many organizations, coordinate the operations of a business, from within and even outside the market to ensure that the organization achieves its objectives. For instance, Apple Inc company has dramatically utilized the cheap labor force in China for the manufacturing of the iconic iPhone smartphones (Kao, 2018). Whereas the designing is of the phones is done in California, and assembling in a different geographical area, cosmopolitan management, in this case, is greatly utilized to ensure that production conducted in China, adheres to the specifications defined in California during the designing process.

The Essence of Cosmopolitan Management

Flexible Control

Among one of the defining external factors in any business, is the ability of foreign interference in business operations of any organization. This may be as a result of political interference, cultural barriers, or legislative regulations of any nation. Through this, many companies are forced to redefine their rules to benefit only a few members at the expense of the company. However, the concept of international management is based on global hierarchical operations, where leaders are influenced or governed by the regulations of the company, hence reducing any external interferences, that may jeopardize the activities of the organization (Baltaci, & Balci, 2017).

Competence at Wok

Companies adopt the concept of cosmopolitan management to help set the required standards of operations, which defines the growth of an organization (Norzailan, Othman, & Ishizaki, 2016). By extending these standards in a foreign nation, the organization, can train, and equip workers with the right set of tools to ensure that performance and standards are optimum.


Business performance requires a critical concept of leadership to help them perform better than their opponents. The ideology behind any cosmopolitan management is to ensure that, the administration understand the working environment and business needs, as well as reflecting it to the current working environment. In other words, the management has the mandate of ensuring that global standards of governance, are followed to the latter, which helps a business to perform competently.

On the other hand, the trend of cosmopolitan management has significantly been adopted due to the skills associated with management. Cosmopolitan leaders have a broader pool of global ideologist concepts that can help a company endure even one of its toughest moment. These include financial crisis or marketing problems. However, with the use of this concept of management, companies can share the problem of one geographical branch with the main office for a better solution.

In the bottom line, cosmopolitan management ties the interests of workers together with the company, which helps the leadership, identify and recruit most competent workers for the company's prosperity. Through the use of observing cultural practices, and social diversity, the concept of cosmopolitan leadership, helps improve the interests of workers to increase the performance and functionality of each employee.


Baltaci, A., & Balci, A. (2017). Complexity leadership: A theoretical perspective. International Journal of Educational Leadership and Management, 5(1), 30-58.

Beck, U. (2017). Mobility and the cosmopolitan perspective. In Exploring Networked Urban Mobilities (pp. 140-151). Routledge.

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