Essay Sample on Glasscubes: Collaborating in Isolation, Disseminating Multi-faceted Opportunities

Paper Type:  Case study
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Date:  2023-04-08


Glasscubes is the provision of collaboration to groups and individuals that are in isolation, thus allowing them to see various opportunities and be seen by others. Glasscubes provides its customers with an online workspace where they can invite other persons to join. For example, people can join this online workplace as a customer, employee, and supplier who needs to communicate and share information with the corporation. Glasscubes contains various features which allow it to disseminate multiple services to its users. For example, through the use of this online workplace, individuals can either share files, discuss various ideas and topics, assign tasks, or organize schedules. Whenever individuals are being assigned tasks through this platform, users tend to specify details such as what are the requirements to complete a specific task, the deadline of the task, and the person to conduct that task.

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Consequently, the team members tend to share information via Glasscubes. Some of the things shared by team members include their calendars, thus overlaying them to develop a group calendar that indicates people's availability. Also, Glasscubes provides the cloud-based intranet that allows users to access it using their devices that has an internet browser. Therefore, in this platform, there is data security since data is backed up through the use of SSL encryptions. The SSL encryptions in Glasscubes can be utilized as an extranet through the extension of invitations to the users that are outside the corporation.

Why the NSHCS Require a Tool for Collaboration and if the Glasscubes was a Feasible Option

The NSHCS required a reliable and better collaboration tool which could handle its documents and allow its member to access the content from this tool. The use of Email for communication was not efficient since it facilitated disorganized and fragment discussions among the different email threads. Glasscubes was a feasible option since it was easy to use, and it established different online workspaces for NSHCS Corporation. Also, Glasscubes invited its group members to the workspace, thus accessing it from any point. The group members can use this platform to post their content and be sure to receive the accurate and latest information from the workspace.

Problem Faced by Glasscubes and the Management, Technology and Organization Dimensions in the Case

The management can face a challenge in ensuring the security of the files shared, thus promoting privacy among its users. The management technology has to ensure that there is a distribution of the content and structuring of the feedback received and recorded for auditing. Failure to conduct these practices, Glasscubes can end up inconveniencing its users, thus losing trust with this platform. Also, the management can encounter issues when trying to convince people and firms to move away from using Emails and join Glasscubes. Most individuals can doubt the workspace, thus requiring evidence of how efficient is the Glasscubes. The technology department has to ensure that this workspace is fast for communications hence encouraging its users to use it for collaborations. Glasscubes had to be well-organized to replace the use of emails in communication. For example, businesses that wanted to incorporate the use of Glasscubes had to improve their productivity, thus gaining trust with the online platform. Therefore, the use of Glasscubes in firms and individuals helped minimize the costs since people used face-to-face communication.

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