Essay Sample on Employees: Vital for Org Success & Deserving of Leadership Roles

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Date:  2023-05-22

An employee plays a vital role when it comes to any organization's success since they are much involved in the production of goods and services that are satisfactory to the clients. I agree with the statement that the workers should take part in controlling some of the operations rather than leaving the whole task to the management level. When the employees are given any leadership opportunity, for instance, to be the team leaders, they showcase skills that bring a positive attitude among other workers in the company (Rao, 2017). Involving employees in some decisions creates positive energy for them to put extra hard work in their assigned task towards achieving the company's role since this shows that they are critical stakeholders to the organization's success. Whenever employees do their jobs effectively, their morale in the office gets boosted, and those workers who are not motivated tend to receive encouragement from their motivated individuals.

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Another importance of involving employees in the control of some projects in the organization is that they help in personal and career growth and development. Whenever the employees have the freedom to suggest some ideas in implementing a specific policy, they feel part of the company, and they tend to achieve their goals by working extra hard. Also, assigning workers the powers to control some activities allows the senior management to know the strengths and weaknesses of employees and how to interlink different talents for the achievement of the company's goals (Bohlmann & Zacher, 2019). The managers also can be able to identify some unique abilities with different employees and appoint the group leaders and making sure that the objectives are achieved, and talents are promoted at different levels. Therefore, whenever they take control of the activities, they tend to develop a conducive working environment and these results in rewarding some of the high-performance employees to set an excellent example for other employees.

Finally, through the employee control power privilege, the company's repetition can be maintained and improved. The employees are always at the bottom level of any organization's structure, and the immediate senior people they interact with are the supervisors. Moreover, most of the companies do not recognize the employees as a critical component towards their retention at that workplace. However, when the employees are treated well, they spread good messages to other employees from other organizations, and they start admiring your company as the right place to grow financially and professionally (Rao, 2017). When the employees are given authority to exploit their skills fully, they feel motivated and see the company as a family business and work tirelessly to see the company on top of other organizations in the market. Therefore, I would gladly agree with the above statement since it has more benefits to the overall growth of the company and the employees.


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Bohlmann, C., & Zacher, H. (2019). Supporting employees with caregiving responsibilities. In Creating Psychologically Healthy Workplaces. Edward Elgar Publishing.

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