Essay Sample on Combination of Country Music and Hip-Hop

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Date:  2022-04-04


The fusion of two great genres of music renders a new and fresh sound. Considering Blake Shelton's "Boys Round Here" featuring Pistol Annies and Friends and B.o.B featuring Taylor Swift in "The Both of Us," the music industry is breaking free from stereotypes. Taylor Swift, the all-female group Pistol Annies, and Blake Shelton are country musicians while B.o.B is a hip-hop artist. Country music has for long been associated with cowboys, and everything cowboys do- mainly the unwanted dirty farm jobs that ultimately provides for Americans hence the appeal it has to "rednecks." Blake Shelton starts of the song in his usual smooth, slow tones to a rendition of "red red red red red red red red redneck."

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Another typical country music feature in the song is the strum of the string guitar. The hip-hop elements come with the use of a synthesizer, heavy drums, and Shelton rapping and singing. Country music and hip-hop are almost practically opposites like dusk or dawn. However, it is fascinating when put together; it works smoothly demonstrated in the songs. Therefore, two different genres can be compatible. The video also incorporates black actors who dress up in usual hip-hop fashion- with designer chains, snapbacks, and the hip-hop swagger-walk. The song has sixty-nine million views on YouTube. I thought the hip-hop and rap elements made the video exciting to watch. Perhaps this is a sign of better country and hip-hop fusions to come. I agree with Anh Le that, "two different genres can be compatible."

In the song "Both of Us," Taylor Swift sings the chorus in melodic slightly somber tones. B.o.B. raps and the lyrics may have country elements in it. As Kareeda notes the result is "more half and half balance between country and hip-hop, For example, B.o.B. raps, "Ever thought about losing it/When your money's all gone and lose your whip." The lyrics are reflective much like country music except that the delivery is delivered in straight hip-hop. A string guitar is used for Taylor's Swift's chorus in typical country style. In the video, there is a horse, which we assume Taylor Swift rides. Farm animals, especially horses, are a staple of country music. Also, the theme of the song is alienation whereby both love subjects of the song- the man and the woman who are lovers, lose focus on each other.


The video and lyrics resonate with class materials especially "The Flight from Conversation" (Tuckle, New York Times 2012) where the author notes that "there is less interest in asking questions about the state of the world than in refining one's presence on Facebook or MySpace." The lovers in the song have miscommunication problems but prioritize efforts to connect with the world over fixing their problems. World things like "the clothes we wear or the way we talk" distract them. The video is deep; there are love and anguish, the old "us against the world" struggle and a feeling that the world is made up of "lost people." All these elements are inherent in hip-hop and country music. One pays more attention to the lyrics. I want to listen to more of similar music featuring both country and hip-hop. I am excited about the possibility of a future where hip-hop and country music forms an entirely new brand of music

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