Essay Sample on Benjamin West Formalism and Iconographic

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Date:  2022-06-23


Benjamin West's art, portray that the art symbolizes an act of fishing activity. The context by which the symbols are made in the portrait depicts that the painting outlines that there is a group of people on board attempting to fish from the same boat through proper coordination (West, n. p.). The group is a representation of a party of gentlemen who are catching fish from a punt. Benjamin West made the art between 1738 and 1820 portraying the way the society alluded to group intervention and the need to enhance association when focusing on the most appropriate means of handling issues in the community.

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West portrays the fishermen to be busy with each of them focusing on the role that they are supposed to play (Robert 1141). For that matter, it is clear that group fishing was an essential approach towards providing the community with the required food quantity as a means of survival. In the image, some men cast the nets to trick the fish while others are seated in the boat to receive the fish and prepare it for consumption. The painting portrays a group of people who the community in finding food which is the underlying commodity to the society. The differentiation of roles tends to represent that indeed; it is a community approach towards finding food for the organization through taking part in the family processes. Additionally, West implied that fishing is not basically for food but also used as a way of enhancing the association of people (Robert 1141). The people on the boat are seen to be enjoying the fun moment and the relaxation on the boat.

The portraits are typically Flemish since West seems to have used paint and some forms of the pencil in making his work glossy (Robert 1141). There are also some aspects of oil painting. Also, the images are made to be affiliated with naturalistic proponents through the use of some clear pictures that portray the value of aesthetics. West's models are describing the need to allude to the required approaches towards enhancing social role while strengthening the need to enjoy the life while undertaking the functions connected to the family. The fishing hooks were also used in 7000 BC as the earliest tools in the 18th century. Fishing is also portrayed as a form of leisure amid being the primary activity that made it possible for the participants to put food on the table. The image depicts the indigenous approaches that enhance community associations which brought about harmonious living among the members of the society. The gradual evolution is primarily directed to the western world.

The images portray that during the 18th century, the social, political and economic status of people was perfectly cautioned with the value of teamwork. The society during the period affiliated to the aspect of division of labor while enjoying the service that they offered to the community. According to the image, each party has their activity on the boat thus showing that the ancient period was affiliated with a division of labor and specialization. The people on board are neatly dressed portraying that working smart was still the order of the day. In that perspective, it is clear that West and the society he lived in valued the aspect of aesthetics and beauty amid performing fundamental duties that provide a chance for putting food on the table (Robert 1141). Also, the background of the scene is beautiful according to the horizons and the crossing bridge that is near the fishing point.

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