Essay Sample on Apigee's Growing Workforce: Need for Updated Processes

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Date:  2023-01-03


As the number of employees goes in Apigee, there is a need for the management of the company to ensure that its processes are updated. The reason why this should change is due to the fact that everything breaks when changes are not applied. The result would be the company services being compromised, and the more trouble is created in the company in general. More employees in the company create problems that are related to communication and coordination (Abualoush, 2018). This being the case, there is a need for the Apigee management to improve the interrelation of the jobs being done by the employees. There is a need for the Apigee to change the management practices that were useful when the company had a small number of employees.

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The main reason that makes Apigee hire more employees is due to the increase in the amount of work being done by the employees. The requirement comes with the demand for creativity by the employees (Ansoff, 2018). Apigee should ensure that it invests in having employees that creative and flexible, important is ensuring the various tasks of the business are carried out in time. In addition to this, there is a need for the company to work on improving employees' enthusiasm (Johnson & Szamosi, 2018). The approach is important as it will help in making sure that the employees with a high level of creativity are retained. The Apigee Company has an unconventional culture that has been important in designing its human resource practices. It is important for Apigee Company should improve on the practice as it is the one that has created the basis for its core values of passion and also enhancing respect in its associations.

The other change that the Apigee Company should work towards altering and improving the way it is hiring its employees. The fact is that there is a requirement it is important for the company to ensure that it has a rigorous selection process in order to identify the appropriate candidates that are capable of blending the culture of Apigee. The crucial approach that the company should put in place is making sure that its large number of employees should be in the position that is characterized by the idea that its employees are not in competition, rather they should be trained such that they are directed to collaboration (Knoke, 2018). Apigee Company has already taken a step that is characterized by the activity of creating an application that helps employees to enter their goals, the company can use the platform to help the increased number of the employees in realizing the dreams of its employees. An employee who has been helped in achieving his or her dream is satisfied and motivated to work for Apigee.

The company should also restructure its compensation and benefits plan for the employees. The practice the company had been using was hiring employees who had prior work experience. The change that is applied in this case, is by coming with another plan that will absorb fresh graduates from colleges and Universities and train them accordingly (O'connor, 2019). The approach is a good strategy employed by many companies in helping them in

Options Available to Apigee’s Leadership Team

One management option available for Apigee's Leadership team is having the team having self-management. The leaders of the small groups are responsible for reporting to higher management. Such kind of leadership is important as it will help in making in making the employees to experience a high level of freedom and in this way innovativeness and creativity is enhanced (Kemple, Villavicencio, Fancsali, & Farley,2018). The teams are aligned such that they are working towards the overall objective.

The second option for Apigee's Leadership team is by having an administration that is founded on having strategic planning that is focused on solutions. The management team has a chance of figuring what the company should do regarding the services or products it is offering. It is through this option that the Apigee Company is able to build a sense of ownership.


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