Essay on Rochester Preferred Travel's Unsatisfactory Experience with Premier Promos Company

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Date:  2023-06-11

As the vice president of Rochester Preferred Travel, I am writing you this letter regarding the promotional products we ordered from Premier Promos Company that not only were of lousy quality bad we were also charged. On January 11th, we saw an advertisement from Premier Promos (a company that produces imprinted promotional products) and thought it would be beneficial to us. As usual, communication comes in handy before attempting. We, therefore, decided to call the company and get more descriptions of their promotional package.

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After the phone call, I held a board meeting with the high management team of our company to discuss more on what we require. We intended to promote our cruise ship travel packages because of competition. Before finalizing our meeting, we went through our old ways of marketing to establish a niche market that would attract clients of our caliber.

The first thing we did is to communicate with our customers that previously traveled with us by using the travel agents that connected them to us. We also thought about the royalty programs to talk to our customers that we have better deals than other cruise ships. To maintain our brand, we also came up with a consistent online image that would allow us to post regular stories and articles on our social media sites and website blogs to make our platform engaged.

Since we are new in the market, we also wanted to introduce ourselves not only to the travel agents but also to potential new cruisers. As mentioned earlier, since it is a board meeting, I am unable to make decisions unless we all agree. As known, it is vital to take advantage of the negative press by offering a ship to be used as an attractive alternative. Therefore, setting aside space in the boat for promotional trips was an idea that was raised to reach out to any new markets like civic organizations, schools, and church groups with offers that show free cruises whenever they will reach a certain number.

No matter the size of the cruise ship, it is known that shore excursions and programs can be combined to cater to a specific group. Due to this, the company came up with Eco-travel packages to attract travelers that are cautious with the ecology and also want to continue learning while on vacation. We also came up with an idea of taking the travelers on a remote area such as the nature preserve and rain forest. Upon reaching the destination, the company also wants to provide travelers with options like zip-lining, rafting, and hiking through the woods. To achieve this, clients need to get this information to make them understand the type of activities they would be engaged in and the variety of services offered by the company. Lastly, in the meeting, we also came up with on-board activities like yoga, chess tournaments, and book clubs for a cruiser that will skip the outside tour.

The reason behind my story is to make you understand why we opted to use the services from Premier Promos, especially when we heard that they are sample promotional merchandised. On 11the January, I placed an order through a telephone call and request for:

  • An insulated lunch stack
  • The zippered case portable power strip
  • The barrel bag that had a square-headed funny pack
  • The deluxe canvas and two garments of different colors sweatshirts

Based on our understanding, the items were supposed to be free, but we were surprised when the company credit details were asked. The agreement with Premier Promos was that they would only charge us if we kept the sample items. On arrival, we realized that they were not what we expected. On January 21st, we returned the products as well as the postal receipt. In February, a statement was removed, and we discovered that we were charged $258.20 for the sample merchandise even after returning them. I decided to make a call and happen to speak with Virginia, who assured me that a credit would be made.

In March, nothing changed. I called again, and the same promise was made with no action. We are now in April, and nothing has been done. This is why I decided to write to you this letter appealing for a move to be taken to Premier Promos Company for charging us items that we have not used. The company should also be charged for making a false advertisement. As we speak, our plans for marketing the cruise ship have already been ruined because we knew that the promo package would come in handy.


Please contact me to confirm that my request has been honored. I will not file the complaint if the company pays back our money within one month. Please reach me at [telephone number] if you need more clarifications

Yours Sincere

Vice-Chairman of Rochester Preferred Travel

[Your Name]

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