Essay on Innovative Change: The Central Part of Organizational Culture

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Date:  2023-01-26


Change is an inevitable and critical issue in most organizations. Cultural issues are now an issue of importance and have gained an immense competitive advantage. These issues need changes in strategy, management style, working system, and technology. When implementing an organizational culture that fosters innovative behavior and creative thinking, I would consider the central part of change processes within the organization and the glue which holds the organization together. The central part of social change is ideas and practices and how they are manifested as practices. Behavioral norms and shared values impact performance and creativity in a variety of ways; when there are openness and trust in the organization, there is a positive influence on how changes occur (Stempfle, 2011). Leadership is essential in creating an ideal culture in an organization, which influences organizational behavior. Implementation of this culture requires that core values are integrated with activities and that employees are notified about the core values, vision, and the mission of the organization. The extent of creativity and innovativeness will also be influenced by the degree to which employees are involved in participating and reaching goals and objectives (Stempfle, 2011). Factors that determine creative thinking and innovative behavior include; positive working environment, support from management, the trust relationship between managers and employees, and the role of management in ensuring tolerance of mistakes, flexibility in adapting to rules and regulations and availability of resources and equipment.

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Elements of an Organizational Culture that Promote Creative Thinking

Building an organizational culture which stimulates creativity and innovation requires elements of; open communication, strategy, structure, behavior that encourages innovation and support mechanisms. Based on this lesson and my personal experiences of working in different companies, these elements and the values and norms of an organization play a significant role in the promotion of creative thinking and either inhibit or support innovation and creativity. Creating an ethical culture requires the provision of autonomy, a freedom given to employees, to control their behavior, to empower them (Shalley & Gilson, 2004). It also needs exposing creative people within the organization, allowing people to work on different projects and supporting creativity at high organizational levels.

Leadership Practices that will Promote the Elements Identified

Most organizations strive to create a workplace culture that is magnetic and memorable. Organizational culture is defined as a shared sense-making process, a target in motion that is made up of patterns of behavior and values, rituals, and stories which take hold within an organization. One of the industries I have a passion for is the Supermarkets industry that is huge in the United States. For instance, the Florida based grocery chain has leadership practices that promote creative thinking among its employees. It helps job seekers and employees to find a path that is suitable for them and offers promotions internally, encouraging workers to align with their goals (Afsar & Badir, 2017). The grocery is a great place to work and provides products that ensure it is an excellent place. The company thrives on appreciation, celebration, and recognition.


In the future, I plan to apply what I have learned in my professional life by starting a company that will be innovative and will seize each opportunity and takes the market share of hibernating companies. My company will deliver moving services and products with better and affordable prices. I will ensure creativity and innovation by; leading from the front, building effective teams, and creating a culture of innovation. I will also strive to achieve these elements while working as an employee in any industry or organization. Adaptation of innovative and creative thinking strategies enable an organization to measure, manage, map, systemize, and improve innovation by promoting a safe and consistent innovative environment.


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