Essay on Humans Evolve to Improve Quality of Life Through Innovation

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Date:  2023-02-09

It is agreeable that evolution and genetics have made humans improve their quality of life through innovation and advancement. As per the information in module 2, it is factual that it discusses the way humans survive in communities and the way they create a social society. Just as you mention, humans use symbols and language to facilitate cooperation and communication. As the text in the module adds, there must be enough cooperation for humans to meet their basic needs in the system. Furthermore, it is agreeable that even though there are various unique cultures, they work inter-connectedly to ensure they preserve their heritage and survive in the social system. The preservation of their heritage and survival can be made possible through symbol systems such as spoken language, body language, and written language, which allow information to flow within society.

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You make a logical point on the topic of culture as a necessity for human survival. I agree with you that culture is necessary for human survival because it helps people to recognize their ancestor's mistakes and also displays a sense of community. In my paper, I discussed that culture is necessary for human survival because it creates identity. It is believable that the sense of community, which you discuss in your paper is what gives meaning to life and results in cultural identity. It would, in turn, result in cultural adjustments, which will ensure the survival of cultures. Moreover, I agree that when humans depend on each other for resources and communication, it would benefit society and create companionship, which is vital for society.

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Just as you, I found it interesting that the book described the human society as a system as it is made up of parts that ensure it works. It is agreeable that components of the human society such as populations, cultures, material products, social organization, as well as social organizations and institutional systems should merge to ensure its survival.

It is agreeable that culture is a necessity for human survival. I like the point you made to support your affirmation. I agree with you that culture is important for human survival because it contains valuable information on how different groups survive. To add to your point, the valuable information is the group's guiding values that include customs, traditions, and rituals. If cultures do not neglect the customs, traditions, and rituals laid down by their ancestors, then thee will be human survival. I must say that your reasoning is plausible when you mention that humans cannot survive without culture. In my paper, I stated that culture is necessary for human survival because through that, dispossession and marginalization of cultures would be non-existent. If cultures adhere to their guiding values, survival would be enduring. Also, it is agreeable that language and symbols are vital for human survival. The examples you provided of Inuit Eskimos and Hindus in India who use culture and symbols to preserve their culture is remarkable. Without a doubt, the language and symbols are the aspects that eliminate misunderstandings as they allow communication and cooperation in various cultures as evident in the Inuit Eskimos and Hindus. It would be appropriate to say that language and symbols work as instruments of creating long-lasting ties in cultures and automatically result in their survival. For that reason, culture is the core of human survival.

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