Essay on Good Leadership: Essential for Company's Success

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Date:  2023-11-18

All companies have leaders, and their role is to monitor how the company’s activities are being performed. The company does not have a good leader, it may be hard for it to achieve its goals and objectives, and this may make it to collapse. Good leadership skills are essential in any company regardless of its location and its products.

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As Association Chilena de Seguridad’s founder, Heireman had formed a non-profit company that was proud of its work as well as in its people treatment. Employees were being paid well, they were offered generous healthcare benefits, and they could get healthcare at lower prices at the health facilities of ACHS (Doyle, 2019). Besides, employees were promised to be given a stable retirement finances only if they will remain in the company. Upon retirement, employees were receiving 100 percent of their salary of the most recent months multiplied by the duration of employment. Nevertheless, employees contributed two percent of the wage they were receiving per month to the funds of retirement, and this was the amount the company was marching.

However, Heireman used to lead his employees well as well as consider their needs, interests, as well as their welfare for just payment. He was doing this for compensation, cheaper rates of health care, and privileges that were considered; the healthcare was offered at low rates in the healthcare facilities of the company (Smarp, 2020). Besides, he did this for the employees to enjoy their payment to the maximum as well as the benefits of retirement.

The leadership type that Heireman exhibited is among the great man theory of perception where the trailblazer has the exceptional charm or charisma, social skills, along with communication skills. He is a compassionate leader and the one who is concerned with the employees’ plight. He valued the employees, and he was focusing on enhancing the Chilean worker’s dignity through improving health conditions and safety. The leadership of Heireman has a better understanding as well as a grasp of the way the company operates. He is among the leaders who can reverse the decline of the organization in the job performance of the employees while still upholding its historical obligation to the safety as well as Chilean workers’ health.

The type of leader I can prefer in the future leadership of ACHS is an autocratic leader. The autocratic leader understands the authority’s strength and is able to prioritize the benefits of the company. They are the type of leaders who view their assistants like devices in a greater appliance vital as well as valuable cogs. They are never concerned with the suggestions or opinions of their underlings, plus they are not interested in involving employees in the process of decision making. This company needs such a leader because he will control the company to solve the current situation for the company to achieve its goals.

Autocratic leaders manage to enhance productivity and efficiency by restructuring the process of the work. They form firm deadlines plus have a set of expectations for the subordinates (Smarp, 2020). In case of an emergency or crisis, these leaders are able to make the decision quickly and implement responses without involving any person to help them in looking for a solution. Since they are not willing to delegate duties, they minimize the misunderstandings that may arise in case the information, as well as several management layer, communicates directives.

For ACHS company to improve its productivity as well as efficiency, an autocratic leader is needed who will not listen to the decisions made by the employees because they are most likely to favor their needs and forget about the benefits of the company. Nevertheless, this type of leader has its disadvantages, but they cannot be compared with the gain of the company. The leadership skills that the future leader of this company needs include decisiveness, integrity, problem-solving, and the ability to mentor as well as teach.

The mentioned skills can help the company in various ways. A leader who has decisiveness skills is said to have the ability to make decisions faster using the information at hand (Global Blogs, 2020). However, this comes with the experience the leader has, as well as the time spent in the leadership position. Decisive skills will help the company management to make various decisions prioritizing the objective of the company but without forgetting the need of the workers because both of them should balance. It is a valuable leadership skill since it will help the manager to move projects faster as well as improve efficiency.

Integrity is essential in this company because it will help the leaders to become trustworthy and honest. Integrity skills are critical to this company, and it will help the company management to improve in making ethical choices, which will, in turn, help in changing the current situation. It is suitable for the management to know that the purpose of a company is to meet the objectives and not to please the employees though they deserve their rights. As a result, the company will benefit from this skill since the management will be able to minimize the expenses, especially the employee’s compensation.

Another skill that is essential and will help the company is problem-solving. A leader with this ability will help the company to improve by solving the current situation hence increasing productivity (Bailey, 2018). The leader should also have the ability to mentor as well as teach the employees various things concerning the company. Mentorship skill is essential because the employees will understand what the company needs from them hence improving the company’s productivity.


In conclusion, for the company to achieve its goals and objectives, the leaders must have experience and leadership qualities. In most cases, many companies fail to accomplish their mission due to poor leadership qualities. For this company to improve efficiency as well as productivity, it requires a leader with suitable leadership abilities and one who can prioritize the company.


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