Essay on Effects of Internet to a Teenager's Social Development

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Date:  2022-05-16


With the significant integration of social media into the activities and the life of many teenagers, it is evident that the use of the smartphones is changing social development in various ways. These changes may be either negative or negative; however, there are implications for each occurrence. Teenagers owning or with access to smartphones are likely to be heard saying that people render much of themselves in social media rather than an actual face to face conversations. It is essential to understand the interventions behind the use of the internet and how it is affecting social development majorly in the teenagers such as the real conversation.

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However, according to a recent study by DiGiulio, Sarah (2017), the smartphones are changing the human race in various ways. In the near past, there were times when people used to meet each other, socialize, and most of all learn from each other and the world around them on various happenings regardless of the situation at hand. The teenager could meet and indulge social development which rendered significant help to help both physically and psychologically. Lately, the happening has been scarce or absent. The constant connection to the internet that is leading to addiction through the use of laptops and smartphones has rendered significant changes mostly to the long-settled dynamics of human ideologies and thinking. The internet is affecting these social developments especially among the teenagers whereby it is affecting the communication modes and also affecting the occurrence that there are more profound ways that individuals can interact and connect with each other in beneficial ways (DiGiulio, 2017). Additionally, the internet is transforming major happening, for instance, the fact that people need to understand each other since the teenagers no longer feel the urge to meet up and share any moment through the use and addiction to the smartphones thus affecting social development.

Smartphones are the easiest and surest way to connect to the internet. Through various happenings, they are among the most carried along items currently and have rendered different impacts to the activities of many individuals not only the teenagers. In different contexts, there are cases of events occurring due to the mobile phones and the internet; however, understanding the happening within the integration is imperative.

According to an article by Turkle, Sherry (2017) individuals are expecting more from technology and less from each other due to the utilization of the internet through smartphones which is rendering significant effects to the social development. In numerous events. People feel more comfortable using the internet and noting their activities on the social media platform and have forgotten about the real aspects of life. For example, according to her, various cases concerning the happening are occurring meaning with each passing day as people are indulging on the internet rather than seeking real and actual conversations. It is true that the shy teenagers find it more straightforward communication behind the screen; however, there is much to more than the interface in face to face communications or interactions (Turkle, 2017).

On the other hand, various individuals no longer feel the urge to pick calls but tend to prefer text messages and emails rather than voice calls. With such a happening, it is evident that life is changing drastically with the use of internet and smartphones. Social development is essential since it helps in the advancement of the society as a whole. With the use of the smartphones and on-screen communication that are cutting down face to face communications, the teenagers no longer understand how crucial physical presence is essential primarily through interaction with each other. It promotes not only physical development but also psychological advancement. Hence, the internet is affecting the social development majorly through breaking connections and rendering people into expecting more from technology and less from each other.

Similarly, the internet is affecting the teenager's social development through more diverse ways. Teenagers are getting robbed of their compassion and sensitivity to the human relationships and physical interaction. The use of smartphones or somewhat the internet and technology is affecting the teenagers whereby their focus on family and closeness is affected by different proportions, and proper interaction is becoming difficult. As the teenagers are developing and growing, they are interacting with their phones and computers more than with each other. The interactions are through the technology devices are lacking the complexity and in-depth qualities visible through face to face communication which is more helpful and develops the social activities of the teenagers.

The digital interactions and dialogue are relatively enjoyable; however, the diverse effects they render to the teenagers are affecting the gradually. For instance, Kneidinger-Muller, Bernadette (2017), derives that mobile communication I one of the invasions to the face to face interaction that is an essential aspect of life. Moreover, it delivers that individuals are forgetting about the parallel communication required in different contexts and indulge in the digital interface which is rendering fewer interactions. Thus, with the teenagers using the internet, most of them are losing the empathy and compassion to human interactions and prefer the life in social media rather than understanding the people around them and the entire environment as a whole (Kneidinger-Muller, 328-335).

The internet is leaving the teenagers fragile and with lack of social skills essential in handling social issues or problems. In correspondence to the question regarding the involvement of teenagers into internet mainly through the use of the smartphones, the interaction between the children and the parents is dropping since there are no actual communications. Due to the use of these smartphones and laptops the interaction between the children and the parents is reducing. The issues are requiring proper attention stipulating that, the parents need to equip the children with social skills aimed at helping them currently and in the future. Whenever teenagers are using the internet, majorly on their social media platforms, they expect to fell accepted and let people deliver positive feedbacks or responses to them.

However, in case there is a negative opinion concerning the individual, the intervention renders distinct effects to the teenager. Handling the problem or the rejection might be dangerous to them which if the teenager could understand the implications, then there are development chances. The skills delivered to the children by their parents are not only meant to convey tactics to handle a given situation but provide an appropriate basis for interaction. According to an article on computers in human behavior, by Kim, Jung-Hyun (2018), the use of smartphones is rendering psychological issues that are a significant problem to the society. Also, the article basis on the intervention that the in resolving any difficulties involved with social development, there is the need for social assurance, immediate connection and even moderation in association to enhance the more interaction especially in promoting face to face communication with each other (Kim, 390-398).

Social skills are essential for every individual leave alone the teenagers in maintaining social development. Individuals are forgetting about the actual events behind the predicaments that the internet is depriving the teenager proper life and social skills. Social skills entail more than just good manners but also active listening together with gestures and eye contact. Through the daily activities, it is likely that an individual outdoors will come across many people. In the context that people will always be there, understanding acquiring the social skills such as active listening is fundamental especially in maintaining a productive life. With the high usage of social media amongst other internet applications, they are depriving the people of their face to face social skills. According to various studies, the human body is capable of responding to every stimulus sent to the nerves in multiple ways.


To sum everything up, people need active interaction to maintain the overall social development. Under the usage of social media and the smartphones, there is a gap between people communication of face to face base and those communicating online. With the creation of the difference, it comprises various events that are personal attributes to the social development of every person. According to a post by Barok, Shahilla (2018), significant issues are going n relating to socialization that is affecting the social development in the teenagers. There is a significant difference between online and face to face socialization. In the face to face communication, there is an overall development that is significant in social development while online discussion has its limitations.

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