Essay Example on Sweden Joins Boycott for Injustice: Support for EU Sanctions

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Date:  2023-04-09

The first thing that the Swedish government should do is that as a sovereign state, join in on the boycott on Bondurian products. The reason they need to join in is that first, they show their lack of approval where the mistreatment of women and girls is concerned and secondly to show their support for the other nations boycott on this injustice.

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The Swedish government under the European Union should as well consider lobbying for further economic sanctions on the Bondurian government (Daddow, 2017). Supporting the products that facilitate and promote the injustices that are directed towards women and girls in the Republic of Bonduria further enables the nation to continue with this marginalization.

As the US and Norway, Sweden should also begin to create a list of all the products that are linked to the issues involving the marginalization of women and girls (Williams, 2013). Doing so proves to the Bondurian government that unless something is done and done soon, all diplomatic ties with Sweden will be severed.

On the other hand, Sweden should join hands with the UN as well as the NGOs that are involved in the liberation of Bondurian women to promote further action (Hopf, 1998). While there may be difficulties in accessing and even taking part in Bondurian matters with diplomatic ties being shaky, the best way to truly affect change is by interacting and liberating the very people that face oppression.

On the matter of removal of the ambassador, this matter shouldn't be followed through. An ambassador ensures there is a representation of Swedish individuals in Bonduria (Bull & Watson, 1984). Removal of the ambassador is likely to place the Swedish citizens in that country under the risk of similar treatment. The ambassador can serve as an advocate on the ground against the injustices that are occurring in Bonduria.

Sweden should also consider removing their exports to Bonduria if the situation does not get any better. And this should, however, come as a last resort due to the plausible effects that it could have on the Swedish government (Bull & Watson, 1984). The removal of specific raw materials and even some finished materials from the Bondurian market may make the nation effect change in policy, thereby leading to improvement.

The Swedish government should seek to interact and communicate with the Bondurian government before any major changes that may hurt either economy. This will go a long way in allowing changes to be made without the need for lack of diplomacy in the situation (Rawls, 2005). Hence this should, however, be done with conditions and requirements that allow real change to be affected.

It is also necessary for Sweden to identify key performance indicators to prove that the Bondurian republic is indeed making changes to help alleviate the situation (Dummett, 1982). Failure to adhere to these matters should lead to the severing of ties.

Ultimately, there is a need for proper timelines to be set. And this will allow Bonduria to effect changes without severing ties and allow Sweden to make proper decisions that do not fuel the inhumane treatment of women and girls in Bonduria.


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