Essay Example on Managing Freshwater Resources: The Vital Role of Watersheds

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Date:  2023-04-07

Watershed is a region that tends to drain its waters into a water body. As part of the watershed management team, I must implement land-use practices and the management of water that are intended to raise the water quality. The use of these resources should be done comprehensively. It can be stated that around 97% of the water globally is salty, and only 3% is fresh and suitable for human consumption. Over two-thirds of the available freshwater is frozen, and it is found in polar ice caps and glaciers while the in frozen section is in groundwater, in their air, and above the ground. It is an indication that the amount of water available for consumption is small, and there is a need to ensure that it is conserved and the right management practices are undertaken to raise its quality (Gharibreza, and Ashraf, 2014). Some of the sources of freshwater include surface water, groundwater, the desalination process that helps in water conversion, and frozen water.

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The surface water is made of freshwater land, rivers, lakes, and it is generally replenished through precipitation, and the quantity of water available at any given moment is influenced by various factors. These factors are the storage capacity of the artificial reservoirs and lakes, and the watersheds runoff features. The under river concept covers the waters that flow through the rocks and sediments while the frozen water involves the icebergs with the desalination process triggering saline water conversion to become fresh. Reverse osmosis, as well as, distillation play a critical role in raising the quality of freshwater in the world.

The group of people involved in this discussion have scientific knowledge on this topic and a wide understanding and all that is required is a briefing on the watershed processes. Therefore, it is easier for them to understand the concepts highlighted with ease. The watershed classification system covers the cold wet flats, dry glaciated northeast, floodplains, clay hill plateaus, and moderate mountains, fertile plains and canyonlands, and high wet mountains. All these classifications have the various features that they should aim to realize, and their vulnerabilities to stressors are also highlighted. The suitable classification system that I will use to present the watershed water resources is the cold wet flats. The clusters of the watershed have a wet and cold climate, and the rates of soil infiltration are low while the landforms are flat. The periglacial influencers and glacial are quite noticeable, and the watershed portrays a compact type of shape. The area can be between two parallel rivers and Clarion, and this may restrict watershed extents. Most of the time, the soils are wet and moist and they support the farming process, considering that the fertility levels due to the glacial tills are high.

The reason why I selected this system is that it is easier to explain, and the audience can manage to understand most of the concepts raised in it. The other classification procedures are complicated and the audiences may have a problem comprehending the details highlighted. The fact that farming takes place in this type of watershed makes it easier for the audience to relate to this classification and easily understand it. The farming process is a human activity that is practiced worldwide, and there is a possibility that the group involved in this presentation has an encounter with the watershed type.


Gharibreza M., Ashraf M.A. (2014). Watershed Management Practices. In: Applied Limnology. Springer, Tokyo

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