Essay Example on Management Education: A Primary Discipline for Business Profitability

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Management education is a primary discipline which impacts knowledge of leadership and governance of business activities. In the same vein, it can also be regarded as a science of managing both human resources such as laborers and financial resources accordingly to make a profit. Proper educational management has ensured the continuity of many business organizations. Most businesses have been able to withstand diversity, mainly because of management education. The discipline has proven to be imperative up to date; this has been evinced by some advantages which come along with it. The benefits have validated its need to be taught in different faculties. The subject has facilitated the development of various skills which are needed to optimize the performance of the organization.

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Its applicability and utility are not only necessary in a school environment but also beyond the classroom. In a school setting, it equips key stakeholders holding managerial posts to come up with measures that are of utility in the administrative system. For example, how teachers can be motivated in the execution of their duties and functions. The view is also extended to the stakeholders. It also provides teachers with managerial techniques that may offer gains outside the educational facility. For example, in the business spectra to mention but a few. Learners are also able to learn how to manage themselves, from time to schedules in a manner that promotes efficient and consistent learning. Students also become sensitive to the reality of the outside world. For example, the struggles that people throw and the adverse effects of unemployment. They are, therefore, able to learn and craft a way of navigating the system. The navigation can only hold if they are legal and accepted by both the general public and the state.

On the general ecosystem, teaching management of education makes the people business-oriented. They develop the spirit of self-reliance and work towards being their employers instead of drawing dependence from the government. Teaching management of education in school is, therefore, an important issue both present and in the future. The future requires self-reliant individuals that can use technology which is also becoming more sophisticated for the general good. Different scholars have given their evaluations on the topic which has significantly advanced the discussion on the management of education and the associated benefits and utility. As such, the paper seeks to evaluate three sources on management education, scholarly, non-scholarly, and either scholarly or non-scholarly.

Bohlmark, A., Gronqvist, E., & Vlachos, J. (2016). The Headmaster Ritual: The importance of management for school outcomes. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 118(4), 912-940. education is a vital part in the running of institutions. It clearly outlines the workflow for most organizations. There have been unsettled disputes of whether to continue teaching of management in school or not. The sources have given different relevance and appropriate credibility as to why the discipline should still be practiced. The source quotes, "The Headmaster Ritual," is of much significance since it clearly shows the importance of proper management. The article clearly states that most schools are just like corporate societies making the need to have robust management invaluable. The ritual has been pinned to the fact that the performance of schools depends on the character of the principals. The credibility of information, according to the source, has been evidenced by the standard deviation test on the performance of the students. The deviations, according to the scores, clearly distinguishes the best school head. The correlation between the principal's effects was also given, which additionally increased the level of confidence from the article. In the same vein, analysis of institutional environment has provided more credibility. According to the sample study principles which have more discretion can influence the final performance of the students. As such, management education is all about performance and results.

Kumara, S. K. (2018). Importance of teacher education for effective schools. Asian Journal of Development Matters, 12(1spl), 95-100.

The source views management education from the aspect of the importance of teacher education for effective schools. The education system is considered to be a business venture, one which is influenced by factors like prices and the market niche. It argues about the privatization and corporatization of schools, particularly the universities, something that views them as a business venture for willing buyers. A case in point is that of the Indians who continue to travel abroad to seek educational services. The author insists that teacher education is a continuous process, one which is procedural from one step to another. With the view of management education, the source can be argued to advance the discussion by only limiting its focus to the teachers' contributions and the global trends in most educational facilities. It focuses on the importance of teacher education by looking at how the skills of the teachers can be made better and upheld to allow academic institutions to maximize the profit. The source is, therefore, relevant in the advancement of the discussion because it focuses on a section of the stakeholder in educational management and the associated gains like business involvement. On credibility, the provision of skills to teachers for efficiency and maintenance of consistent results becomes a justification.

Van, J. (2014). Why School Management Matters even more than we thought.

Management of education, as noted in other sections, pertains the combination of education human and other resource factors in an education set-up. The non-scholarly source (blog) views the management of education and its practice across England from the front of the many activities that pertain data lessons and systems, the systematic feedbacks that are received, and the support given to great teachers in the bid of promoting their struggles. It also looks at how the organizational structure of the school exists. The other issue entails the skills given to the learners and how they can use the skills to navigate the system. The source is, therefore, relevant because it brings out management education as an issue of importance that should be taught in school not only to benefit the learners but also other stakeholders. It can enable a school head to come with decisions that may encourage teacher retention and at the same time, equip learners with skills that go beyond classroom teaching. The source is equally credible because it showcases skills that can be put to use in work for the management of both teachers and learners. In the case of the teachers, the skills revolve aspects of motivation. For the learners, they pertain those that are business-related and useful beyond the classroom.

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