Essay Example on Lumiscape: Innovative Streetlight Design & Installation for Cities

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Date:  2023-01-26


Lumiscape, which was founded by Cameron Burke, is a corporation that deals in the design and installation of streetlights. The company took an innovative approach which explains why it has been able to win the contracts that have allowed them to install streetlights in cities such as Cleveland among many others in the country. A variety of products by the company were meant to be advanced in the sense that they could be able to gather all sorts of data. These products were able to acquire information on humidity, motion, as well as seismic activity.

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Additionally, the products could also gather information on UVA, UVB, and ambient light. The relevance of this data is that it could be used to ensure that energy consumption was low for the city. In the recent past, however, there have been a series of setbacks in the form of challenges that are limiting the effectiveness of the innovative products by Lumiscape. An analysis of these issues should be followed by in-depth scrutiny of the factors that bring about the problems encountered and in doing so, propose solutions to address these challenges.

Problem Identification

One of the issues that can be identified from the case study is the inability by the public works departments to properly install and use the product s that were developed by the company. For example, the streetlights were connected meaning that they were supposed to functional at the same time (Ramachandran, Ponnusamy, & Zaman, 2016). When a bulb that was not functioning, it could be easily replaced once the public works departments have been notified on their cell devices (Ranken, 2016). Thus, the operational dynamics of the products were smart and incorporated current trends of technology, making them automated.

All in all, failure to properly install the devices by the public works departments is one of the problems that Cameron Burke notes. Apart from poor installation, there is also the problem of misuses of the products, and in selected cases, the full technology was not utilized (Ramachandran, Ponnusamy, & Zaman, 2016). As a result, the benefits that are associated with the use of Lumiscape products cannot be fully achieved (Gharaibeh, Salahuddin, Hussini, Khreishah, Khalil, Guizani, & Al-Fuqaha, 2017). For example, individual local governments failed to use the smart LED bulbs and used their supplies of pressure sodium bulbs. In doing so, the rate of energy consumption remained relatively high.


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