Essay Example on Human Cloning

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Date:  2021-04-19

Another major argument against cloning is offered by major world religions. They argue that the artificial creation of life is an unnatural attempt to alter mechanisms, created by God. Thus, according to Pope John Paul II, "human cloning... risks reducing the human person to a mere object: life and death to order, as it were!" (Dakss) In addition, even during one attempt to clone tissues using embryonic cells, several embryos must be created, most of which will die or be killed. Destruction or death of an embryo can be considered as murder, and thus contradict one of the biblical commandments: "Do not kill."

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Cloning of human biological material in the coming decades, however, can prove useful and lose its "criminal" mystical and ethical component. Modern technologies allow to take stem cells from umbilical blood to create organs for transplantation. Such organs are ideally suited to humans and are not rejected by the body. Moreover, for such a procedure, there is no need to recreate the fetus and kill it afterwards. Therapeutic cloning can also make curable such diseases as the Alzheimer's, diabetes, degenerative joint disease, leukemia, heart failure, cancer, and many others. Dr. Richard Seed suggests that cloning can one day help reverse the aging process (Smith).

At present reproductive human cloning is more of a fantasy than a fact, and according to scientific estimates the first human clone will see the world no sooner than in fifty years. However, the benefits of therapeutic cloning are about to become a part of our lives, even though there is still much work to be done. Despite of all the controversy, I believe that the human cloning technology is a blessing to humanity and the real triumph of scientific thought. What a person suffering from an incurable disease will refuse a chance to become healthy? Or to replace a damaged organ with a functioning one? Human cloning will give people a chance to achieve it.


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