Essay Example on Experimental Research: Finding Causes, Effects & Solutions

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Date:  2023-10-29


Researchers will have to find the causes and the effects of a particular scenario, which is causing difficulties for the survival of living things. Research is usually carried out to help the investigator find a solution to a given challenge. In life, problems like illnesses will always be there, but how we handle the situation is what matters. Research is of great benefit because it helps in finding a certain difficulty cause and effects.

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The Experimental Research

During the experimental research, the variables are subject to manipulation. This exercise of manipulating variables is done to identify the causes and then the effects of the case under research. Experimental research can only be carried out in a laboratory (Suresh, 2014). At the lab, the researcher will have two groups, the manipulated group of variables and subjects plus the non-manipulated group and subject. Hence, the researcher will easily find the causes and the effects of the case under investigation (Minichiello et al., 2004). Hence, the details received will be reliable. Experimental research is a quantitative research method. For example, people with blood pressure require this research to determine whether the food they eat is the cause of blood pressure.

Quasi Research

This kind of research is quantitative. The research identifies the causes and the effects of given variables. It is different from experimental because it carries research for more than one variable (Suresh, 2014). For example, guidance and counselling may be introduced in schools to teach children about obesity. Then the research may analyze the effects of this guidance and counselling on school pupils.

Research, which does not experiment

In this case, researchers do not manipulate the variables under investigation. Instead, they observe or interpret the variables. It is true to say that causes and the effects, determined are based on assumptions. In this case, the researcher can use surveys or correlations to determine the study (Minichiello et al., 2004). For example, the age also the ethnicity, are variables that can be determined without experiments.

The possible differences

  1. Experimental research determines the causes and effects of a single variable while the quasi-experiment determines variables of a variety of variables.
  2. In non-experimental research, the l variables are not subject to manipulation. While in experimental, the variables are manipulated to get the causes and the results of the effect.

Importance of the research

The research will be useful because the researchers will determine the causes and the effects of the case under investigation (Kim & Mallory, 2014). Especially experimental researches, which is more reliable to be used, since the detail got, is authentic.


The research is an essential requirement and must be done to help find a solution to the challenges associated with the case under research. Investigations are activities we carry out on our day-to-day activities to find solutions to the hardships we meet in life.


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