Essay Example on Ethical Golden Rule

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Date:  2022-12-21

The society is indeed thrust in endless webs of ethical antagonism that dictates how communities live. In simpler words, the society is driven by the ability to interpret and understand the factual recognition of what is wrong or right in in the society and the possibility that one is able to choose the right thing from a hat is wronged. Ethics, therefore, is the principles of understanding what is right and wrongs and choosing the right path from the wrongs ones. Whereas there is not an international list of what composes right or wrong, the simple gut feelings that directs one's decision to choose between right and wrong and the bravery to stick with the right decision are some of the fundamental basics of ethics. There are several tenets of ethical conformation, but the popular and the vastly contextual examinations and principalities of ethics include but are not limited to utilitarianism, universal ethics, the golden rule as well as the virtue ethics.

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Most people in the society are confronted by numerous ethical challenges that require them to make sound and proper decisions that will determine the direction of the entire organization, the overall community or family. However, the case between Luke, his organization versus the community, his brother Owen included provides a crunchy scenario of atypical ethical condition that calls for a proper and apt decision making process that will not violate the very principle of socialism that the community is entirely pegged upon while also seeking not to sacrifice the basic understanding of the one good deed returning favour on the other. Luke will need to juggle a number of various ethical understandings to come up with a reliable solution to the benefit of the company and that of the society at large. Also, there will need to ensure that the decision he makes is anchored on the gut feeling of exactly what the interprets ethical standards to mean.

Luke will be required to understand and apply the principles of utilitarianism in this case. The utilitarian ethical standards require that one should be able to understand and interpret the ethical outcomes of their decisions. In many ways, there ought to be a clear decision or choice by Luke to ensure that the does not upset the trust given to him by the organization to set up adult entertainment joint, while at the same time he understands that such a joint in a residential area will mean that the society will be up against the social fabrics of the community. He is required to be very professional in his career and as such, should not divulge the details of the planned developments to anyone else, including his brother Owen, however, he is also very concerned that the approval to set up the joint will drastically deal a deathly blow to the property process of all the buildings around the residential place. Therefore, in line with the foundation of utilitarianism, Luke will need to among other things understand and concur that he needs to juggle his choices between right and wrongs while also seeking to emphasize on the aspect of general good for the society. The company is within its legal framework to develop any property of their choice in accordance with the law since the land acquisition as done in the most appropriate way, however, this should not come at the behest of the general good of the general society. However, Luke should not make his decision-based o the empathy that he feels about his brother, but rather on the premise of the correct and the correct and ethical expectations.

The most ideal way for Luke to approach this case would be through the incorporation of the Golden Rule in the decision-making process. The Golden rule is an apparently safe way of approaching ethical challenges by using empathy and putting oneself into others' shoes. Luke, in his own sense, would not want to wrong his brother, Owen, since he would not want to do the same. therefore, he needs to come up with the best idea of informing him of the upcoming developments within the proximities of the residence, and to help him disposes of his property as soon as possible without necessarily offending or abusing the professionalism bestowed upon him y the company that the works for. In some cases too, there is the ardent need by the company to invest in the store as part of their revenue generation plan, although this move is ultimately going t upset the overall status quo in the general place. Luke is being considerate not only to his brother Owen but to the overall populace of other property investors in the areas as well as the residents of the plc. It is important that the advice the company correctly whether the store investment is viable or not, as well as the environmental and ethical impacts that such decisions will come with. The Golden rule requires that Luke must be true to the company that has entrusted him with such information decision at the same time he must not be seen as messing up the community, his brother Owen included by going ahead with the decision if at all it will jeopardize the overall goodwill of the community. The tenets of Golden Rule is known to direct and inform most business operations across the globe based on the ethical understanding that some of the decisions made have far-reaching ramifications on the lives of the people related to the very decisions. Luke at this point holds a vital key to the status of the company as well as upholding the community standards and their lives on a high scale.

In an anchored premise that every individual is deserving of honor and respect, there is sufficient belief that the Golden Rule calls for the placement f a certain value and privilege on every person's life and welfare. Whereas the Company is in dire need of expanding its operations by setting up the store, they will not do this at the expense of the community in the surrounding. In a clear indication that Luke is a strict observer of virtue ethics, there is every need y him to ensure that he does not mess out the company by going ahead to approve of the constructions which will render it unpopular with the clear ramification of falling out of favour with the clients. On the same case, the approval for the constructions will mean that the area will no longer be the proper environment for bringing up morally upright children due to early exposure to adult content. Also, the approval of such constructions will mean that the investments will be highly devalued to the extent that it will bring losses to the investors in the area. Therefore, it is clearly up to the Luke to evoke his conscience in line with Golden Rule which is most appropriate for a business to ensure that he does not mislead the organization to go ahead with the constructions that may make it very unpopular. He too should not be let his decision be influenced by the cordial relationship that he has with Owen to advise against the construction, but rather for the general good of the community at large.


Luke understands that if he was the person who stood to lose as much as Owen and the rest of them would have opted out of such investments as proposed by the company. Therefore, he must be well upfront in addressing this case in the most appropriate way by indulging the ethical conscience of the society at large as well as seeking to protect the professional standards required of him. Luke has a difficult balancing act to pursue. He is at crossroads and must choose between sticking with the promoting the company interest or to ensure that the lives up to the calling of his profession. He is must advise the company that such a decision will be detrimental to their image in the eyes of the community, which is true. At the same time, he must be able t help Owen with the decision to sell his property as soon as possible without informing him of the reason as to why. This way, he will have killed two birds with a single stone throw as well as uphold the ethical standards of Golden Rule in practice.

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