Economic and Financial Impacts of the Refugee Crisis on the City Of Berlin and What Can Be Applied To Ameliorate Them

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Date:  2022-05-22


Germany has been a home of more than a million refugees, asylum seekers as Well as migrants, since August 2015. This has made the country feel overburdened by the crisis, which has resulted in economic, financial and housing problems, especially in Berlin. The Berlin district was the first immigrant arrival city for Turkish men and women in the 1970s, which had come to West Germany in search of employment. At first, they lived in dormitories and impressed their employers. Their families joined them later, and they moved from the dorms into the city borough called Kreuzberg (Volkan 2017, p.75). After that, the population of refugees in Berlin increased enough to create housing, economic, financial, cultural conflicts, and religious issues.

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The Aim of the Research and Objectives of the Study

The Aim of the Research

This research aim is to examine the effects of the refugee crisis in Berlin. members will be achieved through analyses of possible outcomes of the refugee entries into Berlin. This study also aims to identify the solutions to the crisis caused by the influx of refugees into the city of Berlin.

Research Questions

This study will provide solutions to the following study questions.

The massive refugee entry into Berlin resulted in financial and economic problems. What were the exact consequences on the city of Berlin regarding that situation?

What can be done to lessen the impacts on the economy of the city of Berlin due to the great refugee influx?

What is the ratio between the refugee entry into the city of Berlin and the level of economic problems?

Background Information

The aspect of the European crisis is reported to have started in the year 2015. This was the time when a large number of refugees which were coming from the Middle East, south-east Asia and north a fracas started to enter into the European Union. They were majorly coming to seek asylum. Out of all the people were reported to be seeking asylum, the three most distressed nation were the Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. These were recorded to be the three major nations who accounted for the largest portion of those who were seen to be seeking asylum in Europe. At this time, it was recorded that after the failure of the possible Iraq springs, Syria at this time was probably experiencing one of the bloodiest civil wars in the country. Also, at this time the country was seen to be experiencing the growing presence of the Islamic state. For Afghanistan 's, despite that fact that during this time, they were having a newly elected government in power, there was the war which was against the Taliban has seen to be a hindrance to both political and economic stability in the country. As such it was seen as the reason for the thousands of the Afghans who swore majorly escaping the nation. The aftermath of this, however, show the American intervention and the overall occupation of Iraq. From this point end forth, the image government has still not been able to attain the desired solidity in the country and such, most of the Iraqi citizens are left with no option but to flee the country in an attempt of avoiding prosecution. They also cite economic opportunities as one of their reason as to who they are fleeing out of the country. Apart from the three motion nations, it is noted that other refugees normally originate from varied countries. Some of these countries include; Eritrea, Nigeria, Pakistan Somalia and Sudan.

At the time of economic crisis, it is only prudent to effectively differentiate between the refuges and economic migrants since most of the refugees who were only forced to leaves their countries as result of in hospitable conditions must, therefore, be able to be provided asylum before their other counterparts who probably would have come to the nation to look for better economic opportunities. In light of this, the existing asylum system tends to be more lenient towards the refugees from the three mentioned nations. On the other hand, as explained by Wilke (2014 ), the existing success rate of the existingsylum applications of the citizens from other countries such as Nigeria Pakistan and Bangladesh is relatively considered to be low. This is brought by the fact that the focus on asylum in the EU nations are majorly on the war-torn nations and when is that war-torn they tend to believe that the respective nation can significantly provide abnormal living conditions to its nationals.

In order to effectively tackle the problem of the refugees crisis. There are normally three different approaches which have been since taken into consideration. These approaches have been since adopted by all the European nations and German is inclusive. The approaches which are being deployed are based on mitigation policies and different political ideologies and the aspect of cultural acceptance depending on the community in which they are placed. The first approach which is significant for this study is the one which is followed by Germany and Sweden. Thesis an approach which is considered to be both economically and politically capable of accepting hunger number of refugees. As such these nations have been therefore generously accepting a substantial number of refugees to their countries. As much as it is stipulated in the Dublin Regulations for the refugees to be first applying for asylum when they arrive in the European Nations countries, the rule was, however, eliminated the German Chancellor and Germany can now welcome migrants who are entering the nation without necessarily applying for the asylum.

The second approach is normally followed by countries such as the United Kingdom, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. These are considered to be countries which have the capacity to accept the refugees to their respective countries. However, the governments of these countries in most cases feel discouraged to well come refugees to their countries because of political reasons. Uruguay, for instance, is one of the nations which has been over the time receiving civics from the international communities after it was reported that it had closed its borders with both Croatia and Serbia.

This action made thousands of refugees not to gain access to the country of Uruguay. already present. These nations are known for their willingness to misappropriate a number of refugees despite the fact that they could be struggling themselves with debts crisis. The actions have however reactive a lot of support from the European Commission. However, despite this support from European Commission, it is significantly noted that the asylum system of these respective nations tend to be finding quite difficult to cope up with the authorities. the pressure which is brought by increasing flow of refugees.

It is also important to note that German as a nation is considered to be a signatory to the 1951 refugee convention. Just like it is expected of all the EU states members,German as a nation is bound by the overall convention of the status which is binding on all the refugees. According to this convention, a refugee is typically defined as one who is facing persecution in their home country. This persecution could be based on race, religion, sexuality or could be in some case bead on the membership of a particular group or could an individual is holding a different or ascertain political belief.

It was recorded that the year 2016 marked the highest records of asylum allocation in the city. At the time that thousands of refugees arrived in autumn of 2015, all of them did not apply for asylum at ago. This was brought by the fact that there was already along backlog which was already present with the immigration authorities . In light of this, the majority of them had to wait until 2016. With the increased in the number of people who were waiting it meant that 2016, therefore, smashed the record for the request. It was recorded that the total number of all the applications which were received during that time was about 745,545. However, in the year 2017, the number of application falls off sharply to 128,903.

As explained by Wilke (2014) most of the application which the city seem to be getting seem tube coming from men. In Germany, it has been observed that asylum seekers are more likely to be male than female. However, the valance is not constant, it keeps on changing from year to year. In the year 2016, for instance, it was observed that two in every three asylum seekers were male. Interestingly though, it is normally noticed that refuges who are above 55years are likely to be women. Hover this kind of age group so the one which makes up the smallest number when it comes to the overall asylum application.

Over the time that the nation has been admitting refugees into the country, the general economic and financial concern which is shared among the European nation is that the addition of a number of refugees is likely to weaken the economy of the nation. The economy of the nation appears to be weak when the country is experiencing the following; overloading of the public budgets increase the level of unemployment and also straining the infrastructural capacity.

Berlin was divided in the 1960s, and the USSR had control over the East while the USA guaranteed freedom in the West. Berlin has since confessed that the high number of refugees has overburdened it. Among the European Union (EU) member countries, Germany hosts the largest number of refugees. Most refugees decide to enter Germany due to its friendly refugee policy (Veeb...

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