Does Huntington Accurately Predict a New World Order?

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Date:  2021-03-09

Huntington correctly predicts a new world order in our globalized society. This is because as time continues to elapse, different groups of people, differentiate themselves by civilization. People are trying to identify themselves with where they come from and what they are distinct from others. In the globe, the latest phase is that of conflict between civilizations, and this is not going to stop soon and will lead to a new world order. Culture is taking the entire identity of people. For instance, European countries will share cultural features that differentiate them from Arab or Chinese communities. Civilization may be a small group of individuals, a state or even some states. Huntington says that civilizations keep on changing. This means that they may rise or fall and divide or merge (Huntington 25).

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The new world order will be as an outcome of the clash of civilization. The differences between different civilizations are basic as they involve history, culture, language, and religion. Another reason is that the world is becoming a global village. People of different civilization are now interacting fully, and this will lead to the intensification of civilization consciousness and awareness of the boundaries and commonalities. Another reason is the process of economic modernization and the social change all over the world. This has led to the weakening of the nation states as sources of identity and in the long run, the new world order is generated. The growth of civilization-consciousness is also enhanced by the dual role of the West. The West is seen as the dominant state, and people are tending to copy some of its ways. This has led to the clash of civilization by different states more so the non-west nations. The western lifestyles has become more prevalent in other parts of the world (Huntington 33).

Cultural characteristics are also less mutable and less easily compromised and resolved compared to the political and economic ones. This means that people of the world can change from their ways to other new forms i.e. the rich can become poor, and the poor can become rich. This has led to the development of the new world order. One does not stay in his or her state forever but for a period. Economic regionalization is also increasing. This means that people from different civilizations can come together because of the economic integration. This also means that trade between the various states takes place and removes the cultural differences between people. The new world order will mean that people will be together without much differences (Huntington 29-35).

Civilization is said to take two levels, the micro, and macro-level. Individual groups will struggle over control of territories and states also, will struggle for power. Huntington says that this will bring different civilizations to an end (Huntington 38).

According to Barber's thinking and ideas, the prediction for a new world order in our globalized society is real. Barber gives the struggles and wars of small groups over ethnic grounds. From this idea, it is evident that once communities struggle they will fight over their civilizations and, in the long run, some of their ways will be copied by others. The traditional values now are mixed with economies. This means that as long as people will interact economically, the differences will be weakened, and people will start sharing the same ways of living to some extent. The global markets also will define the new world order as now tranquility and freedom of all will be exercised. The prediction has become an easy concept as now the world trend can be seen through different interactions (Barber 54).

Civilization now has been limited as the world is almost taking a new order. The politicians, religious leaders, and even the media are playing an important role towards ending it. People of the same civilization will have conflicts amongst themselves, and this will weaken one civilization as it will lead to the breaking of some of the cultures that have run out of time (Barber 61).

How accurate is it?

Huntington's prediction of the new world order is accurate to some great extent since now the world is becoming small. People will be less conflicting as some of the cultures will be the same. People will share some of the lifestyles and ways of living. This means that for sure the world is changing and in a case of the other world war to come, it will be between different civilizations.

Does is oversimplify our complex identities or does it accurately reflect the world today?

It accurately reflects the world today. This is because in today's world culture is becoming less and less important to people as they are now copying others culture and this in the long run will bring the harmonization of the ways of living. When the people or states realize later on of their civilizations, the world war will be the only solution to the conflict and struggles. The conflict between different states and groups of people is almost breaking out, and the new world order will be defined (Huntington 44).

Conclusively, it is evident that Huntington's prediction is accurate, and it gets support from Barber's thinking and ideas. The world war to come next will for sure be between civilizations. However, one cannot fully rely on the prediction of changes in the world which sometimes may be uncertain.

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