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Date:  2023-01-29


The exhibit named "Discover and Disrupt" was produced by Electric Coffin on Tues July 16, 2019, at 5:30 pm. The past event occurred at Center for Architecture & Design, downtown Seattle Washington, United States. The intended audience was the general public, especially those interested in the arts. The event was attended by a large number of people from all corners of Seattle and outside the city. The message of the day was to renew a call for how public arts operate in the city. Many artists showed up to support the event, among them the event organizers; Electric Coffin's Duffy De Armas, Seattle office of Art, Vulcan's Greg Bell, and Treason Gallery Mathew McMurray. This paper analyzes how the "Discover and Disrupt" exhibition event advocated for public art power of keeping the identity of the changing Seattle city.

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The activism of the event was to revive the power of public art in maintaining how the city of Seattle works ("Urban transformations"). The title of the exhibition "Urban transformations: the power of public art" carries the intended message. The purpose of the event is to let the public know how much public art contributes toward the transformation of the city. The marketing of the event especially in the websites and social media platforms like Facebook shows that the social concerns of the event pertain all the people of Seattle and the general public who might be interested. The location of the event was made on an art center to empathize or act as an example of a public art center. By posting the event on social media and events websites, the organizers of the event made the intended audience clear.

The following are among the claims made by the event. In their Facebook page, the message was considering the rapid growth of Seattle city, the buildings are demolished and rebuilt, and thus, "embedding public art within a city has transformative effects that shape, empower and culturally enrich urban spaces" (Seattle Architecture ). The activists indicated that despite the changes occurring in the city, it is essential to keep the public art as they are as an indication for cultural practice. Another claim was to examine whether the city would be changed with humanity and whimsy and thrive beyond the commercial spaces. The goal of the panel was to evaluate the obstacles and identify opportunities for making the Seattle public art the most evolving urban fabric in the city. The event assumed that public art is as crucial as privately owned arts. Besides, the activists encouraged the general public and the various artists to embrace and protect the rights of the public art against demolition and replacement (The Stranger). In the past, multiple cities have moved or completely removed various public arts while they reshaped it. Demolition and building of new buildings have involved the destruction of different public arts. This event intended to ask its audience not to allow such actions against public art. The public arts are the images of the city.

The activism of the event entailed showing the Electric Coffin's artworks as a way of delivering the message. The exhibitions contained various works of the artistic group (Studio 31). The intended message was very straightforward for any audience to understand. The producers, organizers, and speakers portrayed themselves in a supporting way. The event was advertised on various platforms ensuring that more people got the message and showed up at the event. The producers of the event were also systematic and calculating in a way that they did not just hold a communicating panel but also provided an exhibition within the event. This was a smart way to entice the audience and ensure that the intended message was relatable and understood. Although this message could be delivered by any other art center with proper organization, it might not be well delivered as that of this particular event. The message could also be delivered through advertisements, documentaries, and written stories, but then only a few audiences would show concern, pay attention, or get the full intended message.


In conclusion, the "Urban Transformations: The Power of Public Art" event had a powerful message which was meant to transform the city of Seattle. The audience of the news is afterward likely to be more concerned about how the public art functions in the town. They are also expected to show more support for the public arts than before. The event teaches the audience on the importance of public artworks in the contribution of growth of the city. The event's opinions match my personal belief that the public arts are the face of the town and should be recognized and maintained. The popular culture believes more on the value of private arts compared to public arts. However, the older communities know the importance of the public arts, especially in shaping the image of the city. The older generation knows that the public arts give a positive identity for a town; therefore, it is vital to maintain the open status of Seattle.

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