David Plouffe Biography

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David Plouffe was born on the 27th day of May 1967. He is a US-born political strategist who played a critical role in the management of Barack Obama's fruitful presidential campaign in 2008. Although not known to many, Plouffe is a long-serving campaign consultant for the Democratic Party. He was a crucial player in the AKPD Message and Media which was a consulting body for party aligned. David joined the organization as a partner in 2000. When President Obama got into office after the successful campaigns, Mr. Plouffe remained an outside senior advisor to the president until in 2011 when he received an appointment as the president's Advisor inside the White House. His selection to the former task followed the resignation of David Axelrod who was tasked with a new responsibility of beginning president Obama's reelection movement.

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In September 2014, Mr. Plouffe joined the Uber Company as the Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy until in 2015 when he became the company's full-time strategic adviser (Isaac, 2). Uber Company is a transportation network firm based in the United States and other parts of the world. In January 2017, Plouffe becomes part of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative as a leader for policy and advocacy efforts. Plouffe is a self-made man, born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. His father built a working-class Roman Catholic family although Plouffe later changed to re an Episcopalian. Just before his graduation, he quit the University of Delaware in 1989 to take up a full-time career in politics. In May 2010, he managed to complete the full undergraduate degree. Plouffe made the first step to his political career as a worker in Senator Tom Harkin's re-election campaign in 1990. Additionally, he also worked served Harkin's presidential campaign as a state field director 1992. Although Harkin's campaign was unsuccessful, he successfully managed John Olver's Massachusetts congressional in the same year. In 1994 Plouffe played a crucial role in Charles Oberly's unsuccessful campaign against Senator William as the campaign manager.

David Plouffe Influence in Obama Campaigns

David Plouffe played a crucial role in President Obama's 2008 successful presidential Plouffe as the campaign manager. He receives credit for the success of the campaign's overall strategy against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party presidential nomination and the final win against the Republican presidential candidate. Additionally, he received applause for the success Obama received in the Iowa caucus. He was responsible for the strategy that saw the prolonged primary past the Super Tuesday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Plouffe was at the center of the ultimately winning approach that worked beyond the Super Tuesday's contests. The most professional aspect about Plouffe is his ability to maintained discipline over communications (Plouffe, 3). During the Obama campaigns in 2008, he managed to control information leaks thereby maintaining the integrity of both the candidate and the people around him. Plouffe's control of the campaign's internal workings made it difficult for the airing of the disputes that evidently trouble campaigns. President Obama thanked Mr. Plouffe In June 2008 after clinching the Democratic Party nomination. He asserted that Plouffe is a committed person "who never gets any credit, but has built the best political campaign, I think, in the history of the United States." David Axelrod also praised Mr. Plouffe, in 2008 saying he did a magnificent job having managed a campaign like no other. "To start something like this from scratch and build what we have built was a truly remarkable thing," David Axelrod said. The then President-elect Barack Obama also took to the podium to thank Mr. Plouffe after his win on November 4th, 2008. , Obama gave credit to Mr. Plouffe in his acceptance speech, referring to him as "the unsung hero of the campaign." According to Obama, Plouffe built the best political campaign in the American history.

Comparison between David Plouffe and Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Unlike Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, David Plouffe is a 21st century American. Prince Hamlet is used by Shakespeare to refer to the title character and protagonist in his Hamlet tragedy. Therefore, while David Plouffe indeed existed and is still alive, Prince Hamlet was a literary creation of Shakespeare for passing specific information. According to Shakespeare, Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark. He is the son of King Hamlet and therefore a nephew to the usurping Claudius (Shakespeare, 56). While Hamlet is engaged in a revenge battle, Mr. Plouffe is involved in a democratic struggle for the election of President Obama. Unlike Hamlet who is fighting a family war, Plouffe fought a battle that served the interests of the broader American society. At the end of the play, Hamlet cases the death of many people. It is different from the case of David Plouffe who engages in a peaceful act that finally leads to the happiness of many. Fundamentally, Hamlet comes out as a killer and a fighter for self-benefit while Plouffe is a fighter of the people.

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