Culture & Team Cohesion: Key Influencers of a State/Country's Economy - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-28


Several factors usually influence the economy of a state or country. Therefore, performance may vary across countries from time to time, which implies that there will be improvements and challenges experienced.

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Culture and team cohesion in an economy are important factors that may bring in changes in a given economy. Culture refers to the norms and beliefs that exist among a particular group of people.

On the other hand, team cohesion is the unity that is created with people to achieve particular short or long-term goals.

Thesis: Culture and team cohesion play significant roles in changing the economy in the best way for the interest of the public.


First, Culture varies from one community to another because of the differences in terms of beliefs and practices. Religion has influenced the economy by improving tourism sectors.

For example, people still travel around the world to experience different cultures and even to learn more about their practices (Karlsson & Wranne, 2019). Besides, many individuals tend to discover other cultures and blend with people coming from different communities hence making it easier to conduct business.

The economy is likely to gain as a result of cultural activities that attract revenue to the country (Balaram, Warden, & Wallace-Stephens, 2017). However, it is essential to note that Culture may act positively against the economy, especially in regions where the rate of civilization is still slow (Karlsson & Wranne, 2019). For example, some communities around the world are going slow on modernity hence making it difficult for them to participate in various economic activities.

Team Cohesion

On the other hand, it is essential to understand that there exists a variety of sectors that contribute to the performance of an economy.

First, team cohesion impacts the economy because individuals can contribute their efforts to achieve goals and objectives (Storey, Steadman, & Davis, 2016).

In essence, this effort ensures that the country is enabled to progress in terms of the economy from one point to another (Churchill, & Craig, 2019).

For example, there exist many companies in the market that are in operation because of the available workforce that has been put in place by the company (Storey, Steadman, & Davis, 2016). The implication is that cohesion comes in because of the different departments and roles that every individual has been assigned.

Each department works to meet its goals, and in the end, the organization is likely to improve its performance, and so is the overall economy as well.


To sum up, Culture and cohesion have proved to play a significant role in changing the gig economy. Each aspect has its advantages towards the economy and influences performance.

The existent of different Cultures has helped many economies progress against time as they still experience similar challenges associated with some cultures. On the other hand, teamwork remains one of the aspects of achieving better performance in any given situation.

The research indicates that cohesion provides individuals with a chance to perform on tasks that they are good at.

This implies that most of these individuals will be able to record better results because of the prowess and skills that they possess. Therefore, culture and team cohesion are attributes that should be maintained on both organization and country level for purposes of changes in the gig economy.


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