Competence Manual for Apple Company

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Managerial competencies are the skills and attitudes that are needed for any company to improve communication skills, solve problems, increase customer focus, and encourage teamwork. Skills and knowledge can be measured easily since they are part of managerial competencies while assets like effective communication and teamwork are difficult to analyze. The company specializes in designing, developing and selling electronics such as iPhones, MacBook, and other online software. The company's key competencies are as outlined below; teambuilding, problem-solving, training and development, performance management, coaching and mentoring, career commitment, creative thinking, communication, and leadership. Effective business strategies are essential for any organization since they allow the effective drafting of competitive strategies in developing models of mapping competency in any company. Hiring competitive applicants result in ultimate organization's success (Sanghi, 2007). Some of the key competencies for Apple Company include:

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Team Building

Apple Corporation expects the employers to work with the employees in a collaborative manner as a team to meet the objectives of the company. Working together encourages information sharing and partnership building, and involves everyone in the decision-making process. The company expects to recruit employees who can demonstrate their ability to work across departments and interact with colleagues outside their immediate working groups. The employees should respond constructively to colleagues' ideas or suggestions and be able to participate actively in the well-being of the whole company to create working cohesion.

Problem solving skill The organization expects employees to possess problem-solving skills allowing them to approach problems in a technical way to eliminate obstacles that may occur in the course of the project. Further problem-solving skills such as communication, negotiation, and persuasion are vital to enable employees to find effective solutions to emerging problems. The employees should be able to identify causes and effects of problems in the company and use these abilities to come up with effective solutions.

Training and Development

Apple Company expects the employers to identify training and development opportunities to train their employees on how to gain knowledge on emerging technologies. These opportunities should offer promotion services for employees to hasten their abilities. Employers are expected to develop the employees' skills by giving out relevant tests.

Performance Management

The company needs to ensure that the performance of the employees contributes the specific goals of the organization. The workers are expected to maintain high standards and adhere to clear, measurable performance goals and draft solutions to problems affecting their overall performance.

Mentoring and Coaching

The Apple Corporation expect the managers to coach and mentor the junior staff to improve their knowledge, practices, and skills. Sharing their expertise with their juniors and responding effectively to questions relating skills is a competent way of instilling technical knowledge on other people.

Career Commitment

The company needs employees that are committed to career development. They are expected to utilize their skills in delivering the best to achieve the company's goals. The employees should work to develop and progress existing competencies to a higher level and look out to training programs that facilitate career progression.

Creative Thinking and Innovation

The company looks forward to employing workers who possess creative thinking skills. Such people are open-minded, risk takers, knowledgeable and flexible. The employees should be able to think outside the box, identify problems in the company, and develop creative ideas to solve the problems. Such workers mind map, brainstorm ideas, and work in partnership to come up with beneficial solutions. As Synder and Duarte (2003) note, strategic innovation in an organization revamps its corporate strategy that spurs growth, create competitive advantage and create value.


The ability to communicate is imperative for any business to prosper. Apple Inc expects its employees to competently share information both verbally, non-verbally and in writing. Writing skills include the use of concise, appropriate language and the ability to structure ideas in an ideal manner. The employees in marking departments of the company are expected to express a higher level of communication competencies that include persuasive speaking skills. The managers are also expected to set up public speaking programs that help the workers build communication skills. Belasen argues that communication competencies initiate transformational learning and allows communication flow in an organization. He also insists that managers who avoid communication or questions from their juniors often end suffering from marketing niches (Belasen, 2000).


The company expects the all personnel to possess leadership skills. Leadership competencies help the company to determine the skills required at each level of management. Possessing such competencies will enable the managers to make good recruiting decisions, promote, and develop high-quality workers. Leadership effectiveness is associated with skills and abilities such as; social intelligence, interpersonal skills, prudence, conflict management, problem-solving, area expertise and influence skills.

Top Technical Skills

Apple Company expect employees to have computer skills, and the ability to devise innovative systems that facilitate the company's operations. Technical skills include large data analysis, programming and coding, project management, technical writing and social media experience. Technical skills are vital since most recent day transactions are often done on technological platforms. The company is seeking individuals with these set of skills because proper maintenance and accessibility of Apple devices and online software require such skills.


The company expects the managers as well as employees to have the ability to make managerial decisions involving staff or working patterns. They are expected to employ logical reasoning to analyze data, make considered decisions and have the ability to prioritize different categories of the company's needs in a timely manner. The employees should employ a decision-making process that avoids thinking errors and decision traps. They should be able to perform candid self-reflection and stakeholder analysis as well as possess creativity skills that generate decision alternatives.

Trustworthiness and Ethics

The company seeks to employ workers who are trustworthy and can provide honest services without being constantly checked and supervised. The employees should communicate openly with customers and colleagues and should take personal responsibility for the content and quality of their work. The workers should have moral principles and maintain ethical standards when handling day-to-day operations of the company. They should respect confidential agreements and should take responsibility for personal errors or mistakes. Managers and other employees should understand the moral value of their ethical behaviors and the importance it creates to the organization. (Mere &Navarra 2012).

Commitment to Customer Excellence and Loyalty

Apple Corporation intends to hire employees who provide products or services valued by customers to maintain brand loyalty. They should respond promptly to customer queries and should provide effective resolutions to clients' complaints. The employees should also be in a position to adapt to policies that track customer satisfaction since the customers are always at the forefront of service delivery.


The above-discussed core competencies help the company to build adequate professional knowledge and abilities that guarantee higher adult employability and social security. In addition, such competencies expand the opportunities for the fulfillment of the company's specific goals and objectives. These competencies facilitate strategy development, encourage innovation, and enforce recruitment and selection processes. In addition, these competencies enable the company to contribute significantly to the supposed products and customer benefits. Some competencies for example innovation and customer priority, give the company competitive advantage over its competitors.


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