Companies With Multiple Social Media Marketing Analysis Paper Example

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Use of social networking platforms is one of the most known useful marketing tools, and this can be attributed to the rise in the number of internet users. It is accurate to say that social media platforms have successfully aided in building the brands of many esteemed companies. It has led to the boost of customer engagement since it helps to strike a better connection between the company and its customers. Customer engagement has evolved to become a critical aspect that propels a business towards success. This paper seeks to give better insights into the use of social networking platforms in marketing, by one of the world's renown company- Uber Technologies Inc.

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Information about Uber

Uber is one of the companies which has showcased general use of social media in its marketing strategies. Uber creates common phrases and joins them in their social media platforms to spark excitement among users. It uses beneficial social networking strategies to satisfy its customers as well as maximize its profits. The networking trends used by Uber have proved to be profitable as they are usually competent to both the company and customers.

Uber Technologies Inc. is a transportation company which is well known around the world and has been prevalent for the past decade. It has various operations in metropolitan areas around the world. The platforms of Uber are accessible in the areas of operations and can be accessed through mobile applications. Uber induced a plausible new way of using the internet to access its services through the use of mobile apps. Researchers indicate that Uber has approximately 100 million worldwide users and it has a 69% market share in the United States (Tuten, and Solomon, 2017). This can be attributed to the tactical and effective marketing strategies of Uber. The name Uber is a somewhat familiar and common word of super or topmost.

The quality of uber services stands out from that of its competitors because of a more personal, and extraordinary approach to the car service industry. Uber offers affordable transportation offers as compared to its competitors. The experience provided by Uber is on-demand because it allows the users to request a ride through their mobile application and the user is alerted when the driver arrives at the pick- up- point. The marketing strategy of uber includes the action programs launched to increase their market share.

The objectives of the Uber company include close monitoring of drives and customer satisfaction. They also intend to boost their brand awareness and the general brand image to sustain the continued growth of the company. Emerging competitors such as Sidecar and Lyft compel Uber to develop an action plan of standing out of the competition. Uber intends to setup Uber kiosks in some of the major metropolitan areas to serve those who do not have access to smartphones.

Based on S.W.O.T analysis the strengths of Uber's action plan are that the Uber kiosks will be easy to use, secure and quick just like the Mobile applications. The goal is to expand to more critical target demographics in the market. It also users refer a friend campaign to spread awareness of their services. The customers who refer friends are awarded through subsidized charges or free rides.

Inventory of Uber's Existing Social Media Platforms

Name Type General Description
Facebook Social media website A famous free social networking platform which allows those registered to make profiles, upload pictures and videos and communicate with others.
Twitter Social networking microblogging A free platform that allows registered members to showcase short posts called tweets
Instagram Photo Sharing Application An open online photo sharing platform and short video
YouTube Video Sharing Service A video sharing platform.


Uber is one of the most-known company which uses Facebook in its marketing campaigns. It is reported to have more than eight million followers on the platform. The tremendous number of followers seems to surpass most of the successful world companies. Attribution can be given to the engagement consistency of replying to customers at a personal level. Their level of customer service on Facebook is top-notch as evidenced by the constant replies on each person's comment and feedback of their services.

The Uber Facebook Account is a broadcasting account which informs consumers on all the latest deals. This keeps the customer checking so that they can access those super offers. Also, the use of Facebook helps the company to develop a closer connection and reflects on the level of satisfaction that the brand has generated over the years of operation. Facebook is one of the worlds most used social media platform; hence big companies use it to advertise their products. Uber is an example of such prominent brands as it depicts its discounts, deals, riding arrangements and rides via its Facebook account to a large number of Facebook users.

It is as well essential to note that Uber addresses customer complaints through the Facebook platform. The customer representatives of Uber help to resolve the issues reported on Facebook and respond accordingly by giving guidance and clarification on the stated matters. Social media can be applied to resolve customer complaints and strengthen customer relationships. (Ashley and Tuten, 2015). It provides an efficient channel for the customers to showcase their concerns and for the company to help them. Uber has a large number of loyal customers and a vast network of drivers. Facebook provides a solution for addressing all customer issues and increasing customer satisfaction.


Uber not only uses Facebook but also Twitter in its marketing campaign. Twitter providers a customer connection platform just like Facebook. The connection with customers has grown more in-depth with the 698 thousand followers on their twitter account. There are few additional great things on Twitter that hep Uber in their campaign. Twitter's videos and images are glamorous. Moreover, they flow in a series similar to that of news posts. The informational section of Twitter allows the followers to receive information based on discounts and other deals. Twitter favors Uber as it helps in maximizing their brand's impact.


An Instagram account is just as essential for marketers like other social media platforms. It serves the purpose of Uber extending their reach to a broader market, and boost awareness of their services. Their followers who value Instagram more than any other platform and Uber uses the chance to reach them through their Instagram account. Uber has managed to achieve approximately 433 thousand followers, on the latest trends. Instagram mainly uses pictures to tell stories. Currently, Uber is among the greatest stories in the twenty-first century. Through Instagram, Uber has been able to extend their connection with customers and also get new customers. Instagram presents the chance of uber getting closer to their customers in the essence that it creates a significant part of the impact that Uber creates through social media marketing.


It is the world's largest video sharing platform., and it has its essentiality regarding strengthening customer connections. Uber's account on YouTube has generated a considerable number of subscribers, and the videos have garnered approximately more than 40 million views. Uber's YouTube channel plays a significant role in their social media marketing strategy as it builds the brand and attracts customers to buy their services. The platform provides Uber with the chance of advertising and establishing customer relations. It provides Uber with an opportunity of finding a solution to their branding and marketing related problems. Uber amplifies its brand and reaches millions of viewers through YouTube.

The analysis as showcased above proves that Facebook is the social media platform which receives the most activity from the audience and Uber team. It is seen that Facebook is a widely used platform used to respond to customer complains. Uber also chats with their customers through their Facebook page by consistently replying to each of their comments. This strikes a closer relationship between Uber and its customers.

YouTube is seen to be the most efficient to help Uber achieve marketing strategies. The videos on YouTube are widely shared since they are engaging and creative. This helps Uber to accomplish the goal of reaching a broader market and increasing their profits when they get more customers. Uber encourages the viewers to share the videos. Mobile Apps and codes are used to give offers to the customers in return.


I would propose the company to research their audience to avoid making assumptions when creating the advertisement. They will able to know what social media platform to use and focus on, in their awareness program. Research indicates that Facebook and YouTube are both central places for placing an advertisement (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2017). A majority of users on Instagram are youthful therefore indicating the need for creating bold and eye-catching content. Further sythesis should be conducted to determine customer's demographics on social media.

Creating a loyal fanbase is also a fundamental element through the use of user- promoted content. This will enable recipients to react positively to the content posted on social media. The end- result would be loyal customers who are excited about the company's services, and they would post and share the company's information. This will propagate awareness of the products and services offered by the company.

Mobile Computing

Uber uses a mobile Application to enable consumers to hail a cab through their smartphones. This proves to be pure as the customer easily opens the Application, sets a pickup location, requests a taxi, gets picked up and pays, therefore, boosting efficiency. In my case, I would use mobile applications as well since most people use mobile gadgets nowadays. Mobile apps are easily accessible and offer to hasten the service provision process by the company.


In conclusion, social media marketing is an effective method to be incorporated into the marketing strategy action plan of a business. This is because it is highly engaging hence improving customer relations. It also increases the chances of creating awareness since the use of social media platforms has increased among people, worldwide. It is also a cheaper alternative as it does not involve large payments of advertising; an account is the primary requirement of advertising through social media.


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