Chinese Film HERO by Ying Xiong

Paper Type:  Movie review
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Date:  2021-03-04

Zhang Yimou was the director of Hero, a Chinese film produced in 2002. The movie which stars Jet Li as a protagonist has its plot is based on the storyline of Jing Kes attempt to murder King of Qin. Hero is a perfect visual narrative comprising of fantasy and actual tales told by Jet Li to the humble king of Qin. The king is in a move to unite the seven antagonistic states into a homogeneous state that would be later called China but faces opposition from three villains. During his encounter with the King, Li presents to him the weapons he confiscated from the lings three formidable enemies. In appreciation for his act of bravery, the King rewards Li with gold and land for each of the three assassins that he besieged. In addition, the king grants him the privilege of moving up to ten paces close to him at any particular time. From the onset, Hero is a movie based succinctly, combination of facts and fiction to develop a narrative that not only questions what a narrative ought to entail but also tells a story too.

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The scene that occurs thirty minutes into Hero casting two women, flying snow and the moon is one that reflects a complete narrative. The two women have poised sword to sword and are suspended in what appears, like some magic in a vast mass of water similar to that of a sea. The sea in which the two women are suspended has reflections of leaves with different colors ranging from red, orange, and yellow. At this scene, two of the three notorious characters who have persistently opposed Qins dynasty are depicted as the swordswomen. Despite the underlying sense of defiance shown by the three women to their king, the scene is painted as one of the most beautiful in the entire film. In fact, its dazzling colors that were well contemplated by the director make it an impressive cast that turns a war-film to a charming mystical story.

The scene appeared to have been pictured as a dream narrative and staged as a dance of angels. The two women dominating the scene are aloft. They are suspended in the vortices of swirling leaves. The behavior of the women in this scene betrays the perception that they are a typical combat. In actual sense, the scene casts the women like those in an ecstasy or swordplay. The immaculate suspension of the women by something like a spirit makes the scene look replete with a soaring of mystic power and dazzling free light.


I think this the scene is one of the most beautiful scenes that was recorded in the film thus my choice of its analysis. It is a manifestation of a perfect combination of fantasy with actual; facts to form a touching narrative that reflects on a mythical era in the Chinese political history. This meticulous scene is just one of other spectacles that the film, Hero offers to the audience, which guarantees them an exciting experience. The view is evidently cast with an alarming concentration of star power in front of and behind the camera, which helps to make it an attractive one. In essence, the scene that comes slightly after the thirtieth minute of Hero cast is one that is replete with sensation as the director; cinematographer and photographer cooperate to blend fantasy with reality in such a way that dramatically upholds the war theme of the film.

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