Assignment Example on Human Nature

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Date:  2022-06-16


Read the assigned readings in Topic 3 (textbook Chapter 4, Lecture 3, "The Mystery of Original Sin" article, and Bible passages) and address the following questions with a total word count (including all questions and answers combined) of 500-900 words.

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Cite all of the resources used with in-text citations, using at least two sources from the Topic 3 readings. Include these in the reference list at the end of the assignment.

Write your paragraph response directly below each question:

What is revealed about human nature (from Genesis 1-2)?

Human nature is to be dominant on God's creations. In Genesis 1-2 focuses on God's and His creations where words were spoken, and creations formed. Human nature was created, and God commands a mandate on Adam to dominate the creations and can experience the pleasures of things created. Therefore, human nature was exposed regarding how God commanded Adam after giving him power over anything under the sun (Shuster, 2013). However, at the end of Genesis 2, the real intention of human nature is revealed, humans were created to obey God and His word. Obedience was the foundation of human nature according to God. Humans were created in the image of God, which utterly means that we are a reflection of what is wholly good and pure. Human nature entails the explicit connection we have with God including communication with him and having stewardship over creations.

What are the consequences of the fall for human nature (from Genesis 3)?

Genesis 3 expounds the fall of humans which was perpetuated by Satan's deception towards the first humans in Eden. The original sin was committed triggered by disobedience. After consuming the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve realized their nakedness and started sewing fig leaves to hide their shame; righteousness was vanquished. The fall caused an eternal separation between God and humans; by nature, we became children of wrath. Eve was punished through child labor during delivery and was to be submissive to Adam (Ungvarsky, 2017). Adam was punished by having the ground cursed with thorns and thistles ensuring he toils for food until he becomes dust from which he was created.

What is revealed about human purpose from the readings? What does it mean for humans to flourish, in other words to achieve spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being?

God created human beings with the intention of having a relationship with them and this revealed human purpose. God had intended for the humans to obey his commandment of not indulging in the forbidden fruit. God provided everything under the sun to be controlled and enjoyed by humans except the forbidden tree. However, overcame with temptations, humans wanted to test the knowledge of God and this conceived a desire leading to sin. Adam and Eve understood the weight of what they were committing, but the temptation pushed them to salvage the forbidden fruit causing a sin (Schorn, 2013). The human purpose include living in ways that please God. Flourishing can only occur when there is salvation ascertained by the Holy Spirit which restores the original relationship that God intended. Therefore, flourishing entails when humans can worship and obey God and live according to his commands.

How might these questions about human nature, purpose, and flourishing be answered by those holding a pantheistic or atheistic (choose one) worldview?

Several types of worldview exist and define human nature in a different dimension as well as the fall of man and their life purpose. An Atheist is an example of the worldview that does not believe in God or creation. Therefore, Atheist does not consider the original sin, and the consequences bestowed on humans after the sin. Atheist base their worldview on evolution and human theory (Asma, 2011). Atheist believe human nature continues to evolve as a man depending on their advancements. Therefore, sin is invalid and does not exist; the laws enacted on the land guides morality.

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