Arguments Against Wearing Saggy Pants

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Date:  2021-03-09

Another argument against wearing one's pants saggy is the statistical composition of the style adepts. The results of the survey conducted in Kingston, Jamaica, clearly suggest that the culture encompasses only low-class mostly unemployed males. The study participants were males ranging in age from 15 to 28 years old. The researcher wished to explore the saggy pants-exposed underwear phenomenon and how it linked self, fashion and homophobia (Charles, 2013). The results of the survey were quite predictable: 9 of the responders were unemployed, 4 students and 7 had a low-paying non-professional occupation like a bus conductor or a garbage collector (Charles, 2013). Many of the responders said they wore their pants like that because they grew with it, i.e. considered this to be a norm. Therefore, one cannot take seriously a controversial fashion trend that hardly even has its own philosophy: some of the respondents said that sometimes they just lost weight or forgot to wear a belt so their pants sagged (Charles, 2013).

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The last evidence against saggy pants to be discussed is health concern. Recent studies show that following the queer fashion for prolonged periods can lead to serious problems with health. Thus, according to Aaron Parnell, a vitality expert, wearing your pants saggy creates bigger strain on the spine and leads to severely bad posture since trying to keep the pants from falling young people rotate their knees inwardly and feet outwardly in order to maintain balance. In addition to posture problems, this can also lead to knee and hip misalignment (Backpacks and baggy pants, 2007). As a result of bad posture inner organs and systems can be harmed too. Taking into consideration the fact that young boys are the ones who are mostly exposed to the style through hip-hop culture, one must make every effort to stop this both unhealthy and disrespectful fashion trend.

In conclusion, sagging pants style raises too many questions and pejorative connotations to be freely embraced and accepted. Public disapproval and disgust of the style have already made some state governments pass anti-sagging bills. Besides being associated with homosexuality in prison, sagging pants style also indicates a low-class, often unemployed person who can hardly even explain why their pants sag. To crown it all, wearing your pants saggy can lead to serious health problems like bad posture, joint and inner organ diseases. Therefore, the vulgar and harmful fashion must be prohibited in all public schools and universities in order to stop this improper craze.


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