Argumentative Essay Example: Same Sex Marriage Harmful To America

Paper Type:  Argumentative essay
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Date:  2021-04-06

The same-sex marriage debate has provoked legal, social and moral debate across America and the rest of the continent. Each side of the debate has taken a firm stand and supported by multiple arguments on the pros and cons of same sex. Comparing the two sides of the debate, in the class reading, Peter Sprigg argument and support of same sex being problematic to America holds more logic as compared Jay Michelson support for same marriage. Sprigg summarized ten points about why the same-sex marriage issue would be problematic to America. There is no opposition that individual rights should be respected, but not at the expense of the larger society. As per Sprigg argument on the harm of same-sex marriage, America was bound to suffer economically, morally and socially.

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Each society has specific social norms that act to regulate how members of the society relate to each other. With relation to social norms, Sprigg pointed out that the same-sex marriage would erode the social norms by misconfiguring the marriage as an institution. The major purpose and role of the marriage as an institution is reproduction and continuity of life in the society. Additionally, the same-sex marriage legalization would conflict with the religious liberty. For example, Sprigg illustrated that the Catholic Church was not ready to permit adoption of children by same-sex couples, and in return, the state barred the Catholic Church from regulating any form of adoption.

From an economic perspective, Sprigg argued that the same-sex marriage would cost the American more regarding s and business being forced to subsidize homosexual relationships. Subsidize of the homosexual relationship would be in the scope of accepting the demands of homosexuals access to benefits. Other costs would go in the scope of changing the curriculum, work benefits. There would be reduced births which would mean reduced levels of production and workforce. On the same note, raising fatherless and motherless children would turn to long-term economic effects. For example, Sprigg theorized that children who grew without parents would later turn out to be a social-economic strain, increasing the burden of the society to take care of such social problems.

From a social perspective, Sprigg argued that same-sex marriage would lead to a restructuring of social norms and concepts such as forms of marriage and social responsibility. The likely scenarios that were pointed out were in the scope of increased rates of polygamy and rise of other forms of marriage. The above marriages do not add any benefit to the society as they open doors or exposes kids to poverty or the likeliness of being expelled from school.

Despite the points raised by Sprigg being relevant and in line with what is happening on the ground, the style of writing was poor. For example, sprig did not make a conclusive introduction, where he would have placed a thesis to guide the audience. Notably, Sprigg did not tackle the opposing ideas very well, as he lacked credible resources to counter the arguments.

Legalization of same-sex marriage is bound to hurt America economically and socially. The above would happen by the consequent activities and costs resultant from restructuring social institutions to fit and meet the demands of the new form of marriage. Additionally, legalization of same-sex marriage would open a door for introduction and legalization of other socially and morally unacceptable ways of life.


Sprigg, P. (2011). The top ten harms of same-sex Marriage. Family Research Council. Retrieved from

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