Apple Should Uphold Ethical Standards for Suppliers - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-06


I agree that Apple should take responsibilities on ethical issues involving the company's employees. Apple Company should conduct better standards of ethical issues in all of their activities. However, a supplier should always be ethical in each part of his or her business, including relationship, works on, sourcing, and tasks. Apple should focus on the better standard norms of social and ecological obligation and ethical conduct. Apple's Supplier needs a safe place of work, treat laborers with pride and regard, and act ethically. According to the current research, apple is regarded as one of the most successful companies at this moment.

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Apple has a unique imagination, status, and capacity to discover solutions for the work environment and agreement for temporary workers that have evaded numerous different organizations. Apple believes that every employee has the right to work safely. Improving wellbeing and security is basic, and all laborers get the proper training on the theme. All Apple suppliers must work close by Apple to decrease its common impact and use different procedures to perceive dangers. During my research, I found that Apple focuses more on empowering workers, labor and human rights, health, and safety.

Apple should not proceed with such suppliers since the organization has an ethical duty towards the public. If suppliers are involved in unethical practices, Apple should refuse to work with them in this way affecting their business in a significant manner. When that happens the suppliers, will lessen their benefits and embrace increasingly ethical practices because of the fear of losing an enormous profit, which comes from Apple.

It should be quite fair and reasonable that consumers should take into account when making their purchases of products. As discussed in the case that Apple sources its tin material from tens of thousands of various suppliers, of which some of them source tin ethically and proficiently. However, many of them do not. Nowadays, many of the brands similar to Apple source their materials of products from countries where the overhead costs, which are incurred, are very less and reasonable. This makes it cost-effective for them. The working conditions of the workers are adverse, and they work in unsafe conditions, which are not at all ethical. However, these business practices will always be questionable, and they might not stop.

I think consumers should consider the morals embraced by organizations. Similarly, as organizations are in charge of satisfying their social obligations, the individual ought to add to the public by declining to purchase products from such organizations. When that happens, the organizations will consequently begin receiving moral practices, which will like this profit the buyers and the general public overall. Besides, different organizations will take a lesson and will move towards ethical practices.

I would feel obligated to do something against child labor. The first important thing, an obligation, is to stop importing tin until the problem would be solved since a child; employment is legal, prohibited across the world. It is not only a legal issue but also a social and moral issue that interferes with the ability of children to attend regular school, and it will be dangerous mentally and socially. It is against global sustainable development goals that require adopting sustainable and social responsibility policies.

Promoting human rights through the education and training of the employees and improving social rights compliance is a move, which should be taken into consideration. Having clear strategies against youngster work and consents to the global human rights laws and tries to keep up stable administration structures and adherence to the law. A code of morals and business directs every moral standard and methods of the organization. Outer and inner reviewers ought to routinely perform reviews on each report and record to guarantee consistence with all prerequisites. All parts of the company should engage third-party auditors to verify compliance with the rule.

Announced inspection on the site should be done, focusing strongly enough on human rights and conducted by human rights experts. The on-site interview with the worker should be-done at times of the day or year when children are likely to be working. Therefore, this will help the business to be conducted with integrity, respect, and honesty for all employees, customers, and community. Asking the company to be transparent to the public would be one of the critical responsibilities of CSR. This would pose a severe problem of accountability. Otherwise, abuses can be covered up and evade from public scrutiny.

In brief, neglected human rights are not accepted; hence trying to shift the company from being in the social norm to doing well is the best move. Lastly, the best practice I recommend is one concerning the community of supply chains. Establishment and support of initiatives in education of child labor and preparing them for future society would be one of the philanthropic acts, which can support the Supplier's relationships and increase productivity. Furthermore, this practice can build an excellent reputation for the company, retain a motivated workforce, and improve current corporal social reputation loss.


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