Analyzing Research Methodology

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Date:  2022-03-06

Researches are carried out using different methods as in this case research survey was conducted whereby the animals under study are grouped according to their characteristics in clusters. Clusters categorization was done regarding the age of people which were divided into three groups the infants, adolescent and adults (Connor & Lawrence, 2017). Cluster as a method of research helps in giving accurate information of a small group identified. The research was also conducted by the use of questionnaires as there was the preparation of execution of cards to be used in face to face communication interview for the selected categories of thirty-three animals. Scale measurement was also applied to help conduct research selected figures to calculate estimates that can be used in graphical representation.

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The essential information includes the sample size which helps to determine for the size of the population under study to plan or budget for the estimated data collected. The ratio helps in the easy representation of different samples to give clear feedback on the random questionnaire. For example, in this case, the ratio of infants, adolescence and adult will be well represented in ratios from the data collected. The statistical analysis gives the conclusion on the animals on the study as in this case.

Sampling is a statistical technique whereby a small number of the entire population is selected to represent a whole population of a selected group of people or animals. In this study of peer's article, a sample from three selected groups of individuals was presented. That is infants, adolescence and the adult. All the results obtained from the sample will reflect the entire nature or characteristics of the entire population. It's from the sample size where the questionnaires derived to give more information to the items under study and the statistical information is derived which will be applied in graphical representation.

The design of the study tie to the objectives as this is clearly shown by the results for the three sample size selected. The dependent and independent objectives are also well described as categorized or clusters explains information the three selected areas. The difference in the posting arises. The similarity that appears in both posting that is, in both posting the study is having three sample sizes. That is according to human growth stages.

The study gives details of the research methods such as surveys and questioners to explain more about the findings. The essential information was provided through sampling to prevent biases due to big data that may be ambiguous. The sampling procedure is also provided which begins from the identification of the target population, sample size selection, and data presentation. The discussion also relates the objectives of both dependent and independent variables from both discussions.


Ruben Bueno-Mari, J., Oscar D. Salomon; Luis C. Villamil-Jimenez, Heukelbach, J., Alencar, C. H., Armstrong, P., Rosado-de-Castro, P. H., & Pimentel-Coelho, P. M. (2018). Zika Virus: What Have We Learnt Since the Start of the Recent Epidemic?Lausanne, Switzerland: Frontiers Media

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