American Airline Labor: Article Critique

Paper Type:  Article review
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Date:  2022-04-04


American airline one of the highly commercialized and reputable in the United States in the air transport industry is an excellent group of company. The company, which was granted a single operating certificate in 2015 together with US Airways has been experiencing immense, cooperate growth. However, over the recent past, the company's operations have been thwarted by a series of obstacles, the most recent pilot's agreement ratification failure throwing a wrench to partner organizations such an as AMR. Therefore, the article by Susan Carey that captures these events vividly informs the discussion and review in this paper.

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Wall Street Journal journalist Susan Carey in her article entitled Pilots Union Rejects Tentative Pact with American Airlines dated unveils the mysteries of the American airlines. Typically, Susan not only reported the pilot's agreement ratification failure but also went a notch higher in shedding more light into the American airline controversy saga. Her highlights on the narrowly approved mechanic contracts passing by just 50.25%, employees complain about a pay rise and less attractive job offers by the company manifest that the bankruptcy and the organizational decadence has been cumulative and synergetic.

Moreover, the journalist further reports that despite the TWU agreement ratification, which includes all the seven American work groups overseen by the same body still issues ensues which might into culminates into a rejection of the offer as many people feel unhappy about the agreement. Apparently, according to Susan's article one can understand that despite the efforts to redeem company's financial status and operation in general, the attempts are just like the last kicks of a dying horse, as they seem futile. It is clear in her reportage that even though the American airline's management is struggling to rest this matter many challenges awaits them. With the case still pending in court, which also seems to be the company's chief avenue in winning the war, there is a possibility that the motion and similar cases be ruled out by the judge Mr. Sean lane. On the other hand, the pilot union convenes board meetings without with their content or minutes enclosed from the public.

Another critical issue that emanates from Susan's article is that the American airline business is rapidly dwindling and faces a high risk of collapsing. In my opinion, once a business entity losses its competitive advantage, work relations, and financial status then that business is no more. Susan posits that pilots crisis in the American airline may not only trigger high competition between the airline and the US Airways but also snatch away pilots as they grant better offers the rejected Wednesday's. Furthermore, the crisis has also a bigger mess in the company's partnership because it causes a wrench in AMR's labor-cost saving winning plan.

The organizational unrest and mayhem in American airlines perpetuated by pilot's failure to sign a tentative agreement pack have solicited mixed reaction from different partner organization as highlighted in this article. With that respect, different partner organizations such as the APA has proposed a merger, which in my opinion is wrong and unnecessary. The incorporation will thwart the process of airline industry due to market monopoly by the more developed airlines hence will make the matter worse.


In conclusion, Susan's article discloses and unveils the mystery yet to be realized about the highly esteemed company American airline. The in-depth highlights of the company's internal crisis are avenues to bring the company back to her feet if priorities as areas of concerns by the management as well as the lager cooperate fraternity. The merger proposal highlighted I this article is not only a bridge of property rights but also the initiation of disaster into the US air transport.


Susan Carey. (August 9, 2012). Pilots Union Rejects Tentative Pact with American Airlines. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from

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