A Parade or Victory Celebration Essay

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Date:  2022-05-17

Many people have organized celebration after experiencing victory in their lives. But, when a nation achieves victory, celebrations are organized in a unique way, and visitors come from all over the world. In most cases, countries celebrate more when a certain war or crises is overcome. It is the moment when citizens show their love and patriotism for their nation. In most cases, victory celebration intends to promote peace, harmony as well as a unity by recognizing the hardship that has been experienced and conquered.

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The Russian's victory day celebration is one of the largest events that occur in the world. It is also the biggest military parade that takes place in Russia as there are 16,000 servicemen, 200 army vehicles as well as 150 aircraft to entertain the public and is attended by a lot of popular peoples. Besides, the celebration is accompanied by warship paraded from Vladivostok to Sebastopol on the black sea to the Baltiysk. It is a celebration that takes months to prepare to show that the anniversary of soviet victory is a unique day. It indicates the Great Patriotic War with the Nazi Germany, where the Russian emerged to be the winner.

The Russian victory celebration usually takes place on May 9th every year. It is a day that the Russian people show their patriotism and recognition of their military strength as a nation. The victory celebration carries a lot of meaning in it as it is a remembrance of the war that lasted for four years and caused loss of 28 million lives of men and women who were courageous enough to fight for their nation. Therefore, besides the other official national days in Russia such as October revolution day together with Russia day that takes place in June, May 9th is a unique day that is celebrated since the Soviet times. Russian victory celebration of 9th May 2017 was the same as all the citizens gathered together to remember the grueling experience of defending their nation that shaped modern Russia, keeps it united and lead to the fall of the Soviet Union. The words of the prominent people who get a chance to speak at this day indicate that the memories created by the war are sacred and to many, this day is important as their birthdays.

The current Russian victory celebration was entertained by the military personnel who matched and showed their strength to the audience. The report from national television station indicated that Moscow helped in rebuilding the Russian military after the war. Besides, despite a lot of corruption together with mismanagement, there were Russian military reforms that lead to great success. The celebration usually entertains the citizens by showing them battle tanks and combat vehicles as well as all the superior military gadgets used to defend their country.

The Russian victory celebration day is attended by foreign leaders from Britain, France, and United State, but most importantly, the citizens receive a speech from the president. In the celebration, the president takes a chance of thanking all the nations which join the celebration and condemns imposing of global unipolarity as well as excessive use of military force.


Various parade or victory celebrations carry different meaning to people. Besides, celebrating the great moment of winning, it reminds of all the sacrifices and pain that people undergo to attain the victory. Russian victory celebration shows pride, patriotism, unity, peace, freedom, and strength that exist in the nation. It is a more than a parade and victory celebration but a day that has a lot of meaning to the citizens.

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