4Ps of Service Design in Management: People, Products, Partners, Processes - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-27


People, products, partners, and processes comprise the four Ps of service design in management that is very crucial in any business organization. People represent the essential part of the administration because they relate to the operational, deployment, and development of service designs in the organization. Customer service is a needed recipe in a business operation because it is through understanding their wants and having a great relationship with them that the business can experience success in their daily operations. Products, on the other hand, refer to the underlying technology or the service itself. In order to have a balance between performance, functionality, and cost, selecting the right technology must be understood. Even though the main features of the service has to be from the preference of the customers, it has to integrate with the underlying environment, applications, infrastructure, interface and data sources that will see the service perform better and effectively (Kowalkowski, & Ulaga, 2017).

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Processes include more than one input and translate them into elaborate outputs. They involve responsibilities, tools, and management controls needed to deliver the outputs reliably to the customers. For a process to active and detailed, the various required controls and enablers have to be put into place for the operations and activities to run efficiently. The appropriate method must be developed to accommodate the new services during design to ensure that when services go active, the required necessary process and roles are in place. The steps provided in the process stage enables the developer to clearly and effectively have an elaborate roadmap that defines the steps required to set the best service design.

Lastly, partners have gradually become essential in the delivery of services, especially in this age of outsourcing. Managers in the service design management, especially in the technology industry, have to ensure that they operate contractors and that the specific terms, conditions, and targets that are needed to support the laid down services are in line with the customer's needs. A good partner relationship has to be coined to ensure that services are effectively either in the tactical or in the operational sector (Fan, French, Duray, & Stading, 2017).

In ensuring that management has the best services in place, it is their mandate to ensure that the objectives of the designing services are effective and that any bit of improvement would be highly required in the process. Functionality in line with management and operational requirements need to be considered at the start of service design because they are the parties that are actively involved in their development. The five main aspects that ensure such a link between functionality and management include the following:

  • Services solutions for changed or new services to ensure continuity and gradual development of the management and services in the organization.
  • Management information tools and system which are the core elements of service design as they entail the ingredients of their development and deployment to the customers.
  • Management architecture and Technological architecture which is essential in aligning the customer's preference to the factors of the environment to deliver the best service.
  • The process required, which is an aspect that ensures that the needed protocols and procedural steps are taken into consideration for better and efficient service.
  • Measurement metrics and methods, it is an aspect of the service design management that provides the technical evaluations and tactical nature of service design that will set the service to better scope and ready for customer consumption in the market.


Fan, Y., French, M. L., Duray, R., & Stading, G. L. (2017). Service strategy to improve operational capabilities in the public sector. The Service Industries Journal, 37(11-12), 703-725.

Kowalkowski, C., & Ulaga, W. (2017). Service strategy in action: A practical guide for growing your B2B service and solution business. Service Strategy Press.

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