How to Write an Essay With Google Slides Themes

How to Write an Essay With Google Slides Themes

Published by on 2021-05-24 19:06:37

When you are a student, you need to be creative, flexible, and ambitious to have an opportunity to succeed with the most different tasks you may be assigned. While essays, research papers, reports, and similar tasks are already no-brainers, impeccable texts with Google Slides themes may become a true challenge. 

Apart from excellent writing skills, the student should master presentation skills.  Nonetheless, one should remember that the struggle is real, especially if you are ready to investigate a new field and spend time learning things. 

How to Write an Essay With Google Slides: A Guide to Success

Is this the first time you work on a similar assignment? Do not let the task overwhelm you. Check out the guidelines and recommendations that will help you deliver the essay worth the highest grade: 

  1. Opt for a suitable topic. Sometimes, when students get the task to write an essay, the topic of the paper is already given. In such cases, you are free to skip this point. However, if you can select the theme on your own, do your best to make it appealing and intriguing. Pay attention to the purpose of your writing so that the title corresponds to the type of the essay and its objectives. 
  2. Do research. Irrespective of the type and topic of the assignment, it will require deep and profound research. Thus, one should opt for credible books, articles, and journals that may serve as an excellent source of relevant information. Do not focus on the supporting evidence only, but pay attention to the contrary evidence, as well. 
  3. Write the first draft. Once you have found dependable sources of information, you can proceed to the writing process. Divide the paper into meaningful paragraphs, introducing the topic, presenting key arguments, and drawing a conclusion. 
  4. Proofread the text. At this point, it is critical to revise the paper and eliminate any errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies that can affect the academic value of the work. 
  5. Create the presentation. Finally, you are ready to start working on the presentation. While the overwhelming majority of learners are aware of Microsoft PowerPoint, they will be impressed to discover the advantageous features of Google Slides. With the help of the advanced tools, students will have an opportunity to craft presentations, edit them, share and even present offline. Additionally, your essay will be stored in a cloud, which advances the safety of the experience and eliminates possible risks of losing data.  

Specifications of a Good Presentation

If you have never accomplished similar tasks, you will have to make an effort to learn different aspects of the process. First of all, you will have to access Google Slides and take into account some of the most important points. 

How to Create a Paper with Google Slides

College students, who have never worked with Google Slides, may have difficulty dealing with the platform. Here are simple tips that will simplify the task and guide you through the process of presentation creation: 

  1. Open the Google Slides page and access the platform via Google Drive.
  2. Create an account or just log in with the existing one. 
  3. Add a blank slide or opt for the template you like the most. 
  4. Name the slide and proceed to the theme. 
  5. Add as many slides as you will need. 
  6. Insert images, infographics, tables, and other items that will contribute to the educational value of your essay. 
  7. Complete your work and demonstrate its results to the audience. 

How to Structure the Presentation

Once you have created a new file and are ready to dive into the essay writing, you should mind another important aspect of the process. Select the theme and the structure of the presentation that will meet the topic and the purpose of your essay: 

  • Color combination matters. Analyze the topic of your paper and look through the available patterns, selecting the one that will simplify the information perception to a completely new level. 
  • Adjust the theme to the area of the study. Working on the biology project, you may take advantage of bright floral patterns, while math reports require more loud colors, decorated with frames and geometrical figures.
  • Follow the structure. At this point, it is critical to highlight that irrespective of the unusual form, the content of Google Slides presentation should be standard. Start it with the introductory passage, proceed to the body paragraphs and end with a conclusion. Use different slides to present new information, evidence or argument. 

How to Avoid Mistakes Working on the Presentation

While the process of essay creation with Google Slides themes does not differ from the usual paper writing experience, there are several critical points that may predetermine the success of your project. Follow basic rules to eliminate possible pitfalls and avoid mistakes:

  • Choose usual fonts. Although it may be an insignificant point for the audience, it is one of the most important aspects for the professor, who will assess your work. Double-check if your presentation looks like a scholarly project that meets the basic requirements of the course. 
  • Avoid animated transitioning. It is critical for the students to use this feature cautiously, especially working on serious papers. 
  • Eliminate the use of complex charts and graphics. For most students, tables, infographics, and similar items are the best ways to simplify the data presentation, so it is indispensable to avoid complicated and puzzling charts.  
  • Make a Google Slides presentation logical and coherent. There is no need to include the whole text into the slideshow, as the audience should listen to you rather than simply read the information from the screen. 

Remember that the purpose of the presentation creation is to strengthen your paper, adding some value. Therefore, it is critical to avoid typical mistakes that may trigger an opposite effect. 

Demonstrating Google Slides Presentation

The process of Google Slides creation is long and tiresome, but it is nothing compared to its demonstration. The student should learn the audience, analyze the situation and choose the appropriate presentation technique that will contribute to the overall appreciation of the paper: 

  1. Use the Google Slides presentation as a guide to the essay, mentioning only the basic points there. 
  2. Be polite and welcoming towards the audience so that they will eagerly listen to your essay presentation. 
  3. Start with the emotional appeal if you want your paper to leave a long-lasting impression. 
  4. Do not forget about the posture and body language that can contribute to the presentation.