How to Write a Thesis Proposal for Master: Examples and Tips

How to Write a Thesis Proposal for Master: Examples and Tips

Published by on 2021-04-08 10:21:10

It is quite difficult and even stressful to get a Master's degree, especially when you deal with writing a thesis. But the first step is to create a good and informative thesis proposal that has to be approved by the University committee members, so you will be able to continue your research. 

You may have many questions right now without any idea where to start. Do not panic! We have prepared the proven tips on writing a great paper as well as have created a Master thesis outline template for you. The presented information below will explain the peculiarities of the writing process and enhance your chances of success.

Main Tips on Writing a Master Thesis Proposal

Create a schedule 

Time management has gained popularity in the past few years. More and more people learn to manage their time, plan tasks, and set priorities. If you ignore this trend, then we recommend changing your attitude and reading a few articles.

When it comes to a research proposal, it is crucial to plan its writing process properly. It is not the paper you can write within a few days without good sleep and rest. If you want to compose great work and be confident in your success, then plan the writing process. But our main recommendation is to be realistic while setting tasks and make the time to rest.

Make an essay proposal outline

Some students think that it is not a big deal to write an 8-page research proposal. But it is a huge mistake. Every academic assignment requires an outline, especially a thesis proposal, considering its importance. 

The instructor should have a feeling that you understand the topic and research process perfectly while reading your paper. So it has to be logical and concise, without weak parts. How to achieve it? Our recommendation to students is to come up with research proposal outlines. It will help you organize the thoughts, ideas, and main info, so the writing process of a paper will become easier and without dozens of corrections.

Find examples

Perhaps this tip is not new to you. After all, if you get a Master's degree, you should know that the best way to figure out the paper's features is to look through the samples. It can be difficult for the first time to create a clear and detailed summary of your thesis.

However, having checked a good number of thesis proposal samples on your discipline or even topic, it will be easier for you to cope with it. We also recommend picking some sentences and expressions while you read the samples to rephrase them in your Master's thesis outline.

The main thing is to get samples only from reliable sources. In this case, it is better to check the University websites to get solid examples. For instance, you will find many paper samples on various disciplines on the website of the University of Central Florida. There are also some examples on the University of Wisconsin website.

Proofread and edit

You may think, guys, it is obvious advice. Are you sure? Then how often do you proofread and edit papers? We know that students usually neglect this step or reread the paper one-two times. Unfortunately, such an attitude will not help you improve the paper quality, and it may still contain mistakes, typos, and inconsistencies.

To get a flawless paper, you should devote a huge amount of time to the editing process. But before you start, we would like to give a few tips: 

  1. Extend the editing process by a few days. 
  2. Use editing apps, for example, Grammarly. 
  3. Print the final version of the paper and reread it several times. 
  4. Feel free to turn for help! Ask a friend or parent to read your document to get feedback.

Master Thesis Outline Example: Create a Successful Paper


It is like a brief review of your thesis proposal that includes key points and gives an understanding of what you are going to tell about. Think about the main info on your issue. Obviously, it should include the central hypothesis, the description of the methodology, and the paper’s importance, and do not forget to mention the most significant literature. 


It should not be very long, just one or two pages that include the background information on your topic and explain its relevance and importance of analyzing. You may also indicate some benefits that your thesis results might have.

Literature review 

This section is devoted to your overview of the picked and analyzed literature on the topic. You may also show the missed or weak points of the previous studies. Remember that its purpose is to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge and a good understanding of the topic. While creating a Master’s thesis outline, list the most significant sources with the key ideas that you would like to communicate. 

Questions or hypotheses 

It is time to describe what you want to discover during your research. A small note for you, hypotheses are used in quantitative research, and questions are used in qualitative research.


How are you going to collect and analyze the data? What materials do you plan to use? Give solid answers to these questions in your proposal essay outline to persuade the professors/committee that the done research is worth their attention. 

Implication of results

It does not involve providing results because you simply do not have them. However, you should have an understanding of the possible contribution and state it in this section. Explain what results from the research you expect and prove that they are valuable to the scientific community.

Tentative thesis chapter overview 

You should consult with your instructor as not every University requires this section. In case you need it, list the chapter titles of your thesis and include the key ideas that will be discussed there. 

We are sure that you will cope with your research proposal without any problems thanks to our tips and presented thesis proposal outline. Wish you luck and success!