How to Create an Outline for a Dissertation

How to Create an Outline for a Dissertation

Published by on 2021-04-13 09:20:11

A dissertation is one of the most complex and tiered types of academic papers you might need to write during your studies. As a rule, the structure of a dissertation has several levels, so it is important to follow the paper’s requirements and a writing plan to succeed. You can find numerous prompts on how to write a dissertation and follow all of them. However, coming up with a brilliant outline is always a key to fast and productive writing. But is it possible to compose it in short terms? How to create a thesis outline? Get ready to discover how to create a perfect plan for your assignment and complete even the most challenging academic project within the shortest terms below. 

Graduate Thesis Outline: The Basics 

A dissertation outline is an advanced plan developed to help you write the entire academic paper fast and without missing any necessary facts or examples. It can also help you keep focused on the main topic of writing, start with the most fitting ideas, and provide the detailed descriptions of all essential points. Should you use a dissertation plan example? Why do most professionals recommend coming up with a precise plan for your writing? It is important to write an outline for several reasons:

  • It can save you tons of time. Starting with a polished outline is the fastest and the most effective way to complete your academic assignment. 
  • It provides a comprehensive document structure. When you come up with the main ideas and examples for your writing, it is much easier to compose the entire paper.
  • You can hardly miss anything or repeat the same facts several times. If you follow the dissertation outline template during writing, you are likely to create a more quality paper.  

Top Prompts on How to Write a Thesis Outline

Writing has never been easy. However, these tips will help you create a fantastic outline in no time. 

  • Pick up an understandable and modern topic. This way, you will be able to collect the supporting arguments from different sources fast.
  • Explore the main sources you are going to use for writing your project before picking up the thesis.
  • Don’t hesitate to discuss every concern with your advisor to choose the best methodologies and approaches. 
  • Remove all the facts and examples that are not closely connected to the main topic of your paper.
  • Make notes and add bookmarks when researching your outline.
  • Create a list of objectives for your academic paper. 
  • Proofread your plan to represent the most fitting thesis. 
  • Find a modern master's thesis outline example to understand the main features of the thesis better. 

The Easiest Way to Write a Dissertation 

You will be amazed to know that you can write a dissertation in three easy steps. Here is an ultimate guide on how to create a perfect academic paper most effectively. 

Choose a Topic Carefully 

Most academic advisors believe that picking up the topic for your dissertation can make the entire process of writing easier for about 30%. To determine the most fitting topic, it might be a good idea to do advanced research beforehand. Are there any relevant sources regarding the main question of your academic paper? Can you find enough data to support your ideas? Isn’t your topic too overwhelming? Double-check all this info to select the easiest topic for your academic project. Moreover, always consult with your mentor or academic counselor about the chosen topic before you start writing. 

Choose a Proper Methodology for Collecting Necessary Data 

Doing research and collecting the necessary data is an inevitable step of academic writing. You can choose any of these methodologies to gather information:

  • Questionnaire
  • Interviews
  • Observation
  • Mixed methodology

Regardless of the way of collecting data you choose, always remember that all your facts, arguments, and examples should be closely connected with your topic.

Determine the Structure  

If you want to select the most fitting paper’s structure, you might ask the academic advisor about the example of the outline for your type of assignment or follow the rules below. Please note that writing a winning outline is the best thing you can do for creating a top-quality paper. 

How to Write Your Dissertation: The Basic Outline Elements 

It is necessary to keep in mind that there is no universal solution or schema for creating an outline. How to do an outline for a chapter? What is the best way to write an introduction? Of course, there are some basic rules you need to follow. However, it is impossible to find a 100% successful solution - you will need to think of it yourself. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to discover the example of a traditional 7-chapter outline. 


Traditionally, this part of an academic paper contains the basic info about the chosen topic, as well as proof of its relevance and importance. You will also need to highlight the goals of your research and describe the main definitions and concepts you are going to use in your paper. 

Sources Review

What do other authors think about the main topic of your paper? What types of sources did you use when writing the dissertation? It might be a good idea to point out several approaches of the other scientists regarding your paper’s subject. 

Qualitative Methodology

Here comes a plan for your research. It is better to provide only up-to-date info about the scientific questions you were investigating and write a paragraph about the most productive ways of collecting data you’ve used. Furthermore, don’t forget to add citations if needed. After all, it is important to mention the chosen research mention.

Quantitative Research: the Methods 

This part of your academic project should contain these types of data:

  • The problem’s specification
  • The problem’s questions
  • Hypothesis
  • Relevant statistic data
  • Research samples of the selected methodology
  • Instruments you’ve used to do the research

Methodology Analysis 

This is a perfect place to describe your research tactics and strategies. The best advice here is to pay attention to your hypothesis and set up a strong connection of this chapter with a previous one. 

The Results of the Research

What are the main outcomes of your academic paper? Make sure to describe the results in a precise and well-structured way. Moreover, each of your findings should have a summary. You can create a dissertation chapter 1 outline and then move to other chapters using the same schema. 


This is the final and the grand part of your dissertation. However, you are expected not only to sum up the results of your research but also to share your thoughts about the outcomes of the analysis. In most cases, it is good to briefly discuss the subject of your paper and the basic steps of your research. You can also propose additional investigations that might be helpful with solving the main issue described in your academic project. Furthermore, it is allowed to come up with your opinion of the chosen topic. 

To Sum Up 

Writing a dissertation outline might appear to be one of the most challenging tasks in your educational process. Unfortunately, many students fail to cope with such a difficult assignment. What if you can’t succeed in writing a perfect academic paper of this kind? It’s time to ask professional writers for help!